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  • luckytrufflepig luckytrufflepig Jun 16, 2012 8:06 AM Flag


    Well, to be fair if,if,if Kirk is in negotiations the counter-party would not care one iota about Ziop's R&D day. Kirk also likely will bargain hard on Pali knowing that he can always self-fund if need be. Big pharma is accustomed to having the upper hand in these kinds of negotiations so they may not come to terms. We'll see. As a long time bull here, I am still holding out hope.

    If no deal is struck I expect to see a very large financing round. The SCLC trial will be expensive. My other concern is bandwidth. How many programs can Little ZIOP juggle at once given current staffing levels? I suspect either Dari and/or indibulin will be sold off or discontinued at some point if they don't ink a deal. Kirk's interest is synthetics and he will be calling the shots soon enough.

    My emotional side is hopeful we still get the dramatic last minute upside surprise from the Cali-ginian but my rational side suspects that is nothing was announced yet, this meeting could very well be a non-event. It would be nice if Kirk showed up to field a few questions re: his vision for ZIOP. At a minimum that would be a morale booster for the patient long contingent. 1 1/2 years and we are all still in the dark on Kirk's master plan. Will ZIOP eventually get absorbed into Intrexon? How will the synthetics progress given ZIOP's small staffing? Will ZIO-TREX continue to pursue Dr. Norton's orals or sell off those early stage programs?

    The counter argument remains that SCLC is an immense market and incidence of the disease is EXPLODING across Asia. Big Pharma's pipelines are getting dryer by the day so they have an incentive to find a pipeline filler drug candidate and Pali fits that bill. If no deal can be struck with the traditional American/Euro players, perhaps the PRC would have an interest in underwriting some of the program's development costs. Anyone speak Mandarin?

    CMON Falconer---the shorts(now 10MM strong) are mocking you. They are betting that the Mighty Biotech Bird of Prey will lay a goose egg on this adventure. Time to prove the naysayers wrong and swoop in for the kill. A big Pali deal quickly gets this issue north of $10. Issue 10MM shares at that level plus the upfront payment from your partner and you will have a very full gas tank.

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