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  • hackndeb hackndeb Jan 22, 2013 2:10 PM Flag


    ziop at 4 bucks is simply insane. Do shorts really have the stuff to keep it down much longer? This just doesn't make any sense.

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    • I would argue that this is more than shorting. Short interest has remained constant so we really can't balme it all on them. Some folks are simply moving on in light of (percieved) better short term opportunities in the biotech space. Many of the small cap issues have been on fire while we lanquish. I am sure some have just decided to reallocate.

    • The short activity suggests they are quite sure Pali won't work, and in that context may well increase their short bet right up to data with the expectation of covering at 2-3. I'm convinced they are quite incorrect, based on my reading of the data to date. Still, I suspect they believe much of what I have discounted as garbage and likely discount as garbage what I believe is sound data and reasoning. They will do quite well if data is delayed, if the results are not good or equivocal. If the results are as the company appears to anticipate, we should see 9 a share and much more when Matisse is in, as well as the squeeze of a lifetime taking it who knows where. Do your own dd and get your bets in-- the dice will roll in a few short weeks.

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      • BDTB-Agree with most of what you wrote. My only contention is that a further delay would likely mean drug is working beyond expectations and curves cintinue to spread.My bet remains they come in close to 4 months with a superior safety profile. That should be enough to sway FDA. Likely ZIOP sells off the drug long before that decision is rendered.

        SCLC continues to excite me. Open label so the docs will know if drug is showing any early hints re: efficacy. That remains the wild card.

        Here we are at $4 again as the sector is on fire. I guess the SF meetings produced little in the way of buying interest. I think many folks have moved to the "show me" camp on this one. 2 years and waiting---it is time to give a wee bit of disclosure re: synthetics. This is not a private company.

      • I think it's not that it won't work, but more that PFS will not be sufficient for full approval. This has been a liability for ziop ever since they failed to obtain a SPA with the FDA back in what...2010? 2009? I can't remember...

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