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  • richard.henkel Feb 13, 2013 12:52 PM Flag

    Lesson learned from CLSN and Kerx

    I am a reasonably small investor with a portfolio of just over 20k, I am a University student currently working for BlackBerry. I've been investing for a 2 1/2 years now (little compared to many of you I know) and have seen some solid success in tech investments, but got into the biotech field last year and invested in CLSN and Kerx. Now, we know how those played out. I had made a 250% ROI on CLSN yet given my DD I felt that I could increase that even more by holding through P3 data release as it seemed it could go nowhere but up. I paid for my greed in spades. Prior to that however, I had sold my position in Kerx as I had the shred of doubt in my head about CLSN...everything seemed too good to be true, and I wanted to secure at least a portion of my portfolio (I had made a 70% ROI on my Kerx position at that point). CLSN tanked, Kerx released positive data and jumped 40%. At that point I dumped all my money back into Kerx and proceeded to ride it to 9.30 and sold (I missed the peak of 9.98 but I was ok with that).

    With this my interest in the biotech industry has only been increased, as the potential for returns and the high stakes is a rush and I'm playing with money that, while I would prefer to have it in my bank account, I can afford to lose.

    I know I'm probably hashing an old argument, but for other people like me who are relatively new to this industry the lessons I've learned from being invested in Kerx and CLSN, and from observing other stocks and their historic trends leading up to and post results release.

    1. Find a stock that is trading at low PPS (ie

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