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  • andy_mcb andy_mcb Mar 20, 2013 9:52 AM Flag

    I'm just trying to think of the mindset of Lewis and Kirk here

    If they are not extremely confident in the PIII results here, why wouldn't they raise first? If these results are bad, how bad will they have to dilute to raise? Or does Kirk just come in and buy the company outright? There is something we are not seeing here.

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    • Expanding on that - take a look at all the programs they have going and are projecting out. They all have some form of reliance on Pali as first steps. Hang in there thru this mid week. Come Friday it will have a +.60 type day.

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      • Big Philly - I believe it is pretty much as it appears. Pali works and is low hanging fruit here. The recent use of Pali with IL-12 is evidence, in my view, of Pali working beyond expectation. As Lewis notes, they couldn't use it as a control as it appeared efficacious. At this point, available evidence suggests Pali is probably MORE effective than Ifosfamide. It may be that other metabolites of IFOS negatively impacted Pali's effectiveness. As well, marginal value indications for IFOS may have been rendered futile by metabolites that caused severe deleterious side effects. The liklihood, in my view, is that Pali surprises to the upside from an efficacy standpoint. This expectation explains why there was no effort to raise prior to results, why evey bloomin' trial at the company is pushing toward Pali, and why the shorts are so concerned now. If the evidence suggested a Pali fail, they'd just wait for data. As it is, the longs like myself, are just waiting for data. My views. Do your own dd.

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      • not to be a downer, but you could say exactly the same thing about CLSN and that didn't work out.. noone knows right now

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