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  • rvcraven rvcraven Aug 6, 2003 7:14 PM Flag

    So let's think a minute about

    the financing announcement today. A group of outside investors were willing to pay $2.37 a share. Now I'm almost sure that this investors group is not in the business to lose money - Sooooo - certainly think the price will appreciate from here..... This is a nice spin on the events of today from Kas of the RB board.

    By: kasmarski
    06 Aug 2003, 06:47 PM EDT
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    OT/ The Traskdaq! Ha!!! Yep, Trask floated SCKT up....
    .... over $1/shr and back on the Nasdaq and those set of investors got their shares @.72/shr as I recall. So for that bunch, they could pick their sell point anywhere between $1+/shr and $3.30+ on 7/31/03. How many sold and how many held is anyone's guess. Investing requires a sell at some point to realize the gain.

    OK, then Trask puts together a new set of investors (some could be the same people) and gets the deal @$2.37/shr generating $4.1MM for SCKT (net $3.6+MM) for 1.73MM new shares issued. Folks that didn't know about SCKT @.72/shr are now willing to pay $2.37/shr to see what happens. Wonder what their sell point will be, but they've got to wait 45 days before the shrs are registered. Hmmm?

    So what does the retail investor/reader of this here SCKT RB message board get? Well, a chance to BUY SCKT shrs anticipating that this new money will appreciate also. Spencer Trask must like SCKT's answer to the CC question it posed. Or its them patented tea leaves randomly strewn hither and yon. --- KAS eom.

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