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  • donnymize donnymize Apr 5, 2007 3:06 PM Flag

    Almost 2 times the normal volume?

    Something besides the long weekend, shorts covering and calls is going on.

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    • You need to question why there are so many o/s shares. 80 to 100 million is about right.

    • "Keep this in your mind. # of outstanding shares is a key factor for investors. I am very concern this float of 236 million"

      Again, misinformation.



    • "Agree, it needs to retest $3.00 zone to flush out all amateur bulls."

      Stocks "need" to do nothing. Stocks don't always "need" a double bottom.

      "The only trend changes if
      1.) new analysts' coverage(this 236 million shares will let them think about 5 times, Suncor only has 450 million shares, unless BQI's reserve potential is bigger than SU)
      2.) joint partners(which is unlikely)
      3.) share buybacks(unlikely)"

      Yeah right buddy. Trends also change when there is more buyers than sellers. PERIOD. News or no news. By the way, markets do trade on forward looking views as well. Why wait for the news when you buy or short at better levels before the news.

      You bashers are so full of misinformation.


    • Keep this in your mind. # of outstanding shares is a key factor for investors. I am very concern this float of 236 million. You need to determine how many shares they will issue before any production. This will add a lot of risks (specially in a bad equity market to raise any $$) to investors.

      The smart move is to partner with others now and stop blood bleeding. Yes, this may reduce the potential of winfalls, but will manage the unexpected risks. This is something management need to do. Do not feel too greedy.

      If one does not know how to manage risk, the investment will be a play in a casino.

    • Good analysis, and I agree. I haven't looked at OIS, so I can't really offer an opinion there. The factors you mentioned seem very positive though.

      I'm American, but yes, loonie is a term for Canadian dollars. It also describes some of today's new posters. I welcome opinions that might be different from mine, but please, "I heard it's going to get bought out at $8.50 on Monday" is not an opinion or analysis, it's BS. I don't know where they came from, but I wish they'd crawl into one of dasgreco's piss holes.

    • I think it might be a while before testing 3 again, though as I said on a different post this thing has faked me out before.

      I would love to see item #1 you mentioned happen. And it should - this company is not a joke, scam or mirage. Yes, it's extremely speculative, but still worthy of more coverage on Wall Street. As for 2 and 3, I completely agree. 2 might happen down the road (not close yet though), and 3 is a LONG way off if ever.

    • Is there a positive article in that Saskatchewan local paper today for the run-up today or it just got so cheap?

    • I agree. This is a pretty major spike for "no reason." I'm still leery as to whether or not it can hold, but I can deal with getting in on this with only a tiny portion of my E-Trade account in the "hopes" that this will have legs this time around. If it goes down, I'll buy more. If it finds no resistance lower, I'll lick my wounds and wait it out for the "real" bottom to be put in place. I'm thinking that $3.22 might have been the real bottom. We'll see. Strong volume, good indicators for this to continue through the close and continue again on Monday.