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  • parrazar parrazar Apr 13, 2007 3:01 PM Flag

    Just sold some BQI

    Just sold 25%. Waiting for a drop to 3$ to buy it back then will sell and other 5000 shares around around 3.5$. Have fun and good luck. I feel a lot better!!! I should have done that months ago. Why hold a stock that is not going to do anything for years ans probably end up like UCOI?

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    • Please translate your message1 As far as 3.25$ and 3.75$. it worths the future you anticipate on BQI! Mocking you, that is all! and guess what? it works!

    • there is nothing coded about what I say. I call out paid bashers. I'm not telling anyone to buy or sell, make your own decisions. I just don't want to see anyone panicking because of what people like dasgreco write. actually i don't think you are dasgreco, so i appologize for that. but i do think you were posting under the name torturer, because you use the exact same incorrect terminology.

      i'm not saying you shouldn't post legit info. just the opposite, please do. i'd much rather read real info than someone replying 'pumper' or 'basher' to every post on the board.

    • Are you having fun? That is all that counts! Part of the game! You win, you lose! I do not want you to panic. You want me to panic about the urge of buying or else I will miss the boat! Well, that tells me you panic and you just want the stock to go up in order to be able to sell it.

      So why would you state what is really happening with BQI if you want it to go up to catch up with your loss? Down 60%!!! How much do you have to catch up before you think you can sell? get rid of your dogs if you cannot affoard it and write it off your taxes if you have enough earnings to write anything off!

      Some people here wants some info - good or bad - not just your bull or coded bull...

    • You still own 75% of your BQI and you are the biggest basher on this board. Initially, I thought you were misguided, but now I know you are full of sh*t!!! You don't hold a large percentage of your portfolio in this stock! You bash it and hope that it goes down to $3??? You can't even be honest about your position! You are short the stock or being paid by someone to bash it down! Your bullsh*t fest is over my little friend!

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      • You all should forget about BQI and look into something where you'll actually make a profit like SPPI. You would be impressed to see a company actually going somewhere soon.

      • I am not a daily trader but I will become one with BQI and do whatever to warn honest traders against pumpers like you! With BQI which I buy and hold for years, I was hoping it would go back to 5$. But since it just hang around 3$ ish, that the co has manipulated the stock and news, why would not I try to cut some of my loss and play your game a little bit? And quess what? it feels a lot better!!! I guess the only honest poster-daily trader-basher-pumper on this board is Dasgreco.., what ever his name is. At least, he has true colors! What is wrong with you - you did not earn your weekend meal?

    • Admit it Parrazar, u sold because u saw my tip on ONT and u bought it.