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  • tonytechs_2000 tonytechs_2000 Jun 13, 2007 3:56 PM Flag


    we are starting to witness this everday....slowly the stock is pushing below 2.50...not even when the markets are soaring can help this stock out. Like I said before...October is date when this will go up or be back on the over the crapper exchange. I keep hearing about peak oil and saudi arabia is drying up...if it is true why is bqi going down if they say they have the potential to have 50 billion In Sasakatoon or whatever its called.

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    • Tony, did you graduate from the George Bush School of Geography or something?! Saskatoon is a city in Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan is a city in North Dakota.

      And there is oil under there, deep and mixed with other stuff. LOTS of oil. But seperating the oil from the other stuff......could take a while. And cost a lot. And be so environmentally unfriendly that Al Gore gets pissed and decides to reinvent the Internet. So it might not happen until years after BQI's bankruptcy lawyers have built their third homes in the French Riviera.

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      • I think all you idiot americans should go to a real school instead of propaganda school of the US of Idiots.
        Saskatchewan is a province, Saskatoon is a city in the province of Saskatchewan.
        It's the same as saying that Albany is a city in the state of New York.
        You idiots should at least be informed when making a comment on a board, it shows the level of intellect of this board. Then you want me to beleive that bqi is a good investment??? Too many illeterates on this board to even consider a stock like bqi.