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  • sonofzooloo88 sonofzooloo88 May 10, 2011 6:08 PM Flag

    All I see is BANKRUPTCY in the future


    Management still drawing paychecks and nothing being said by management - no updates, nothing. No news is bad news.
    Pumping this stock will get you no where.

    The lawsuits have not been dropped and are proceeding ahead. By the time the judge finds the company guilty and awards the plaintiffs $$$$$, this company will have to declare bankruptcy and then all of you have nothing to show but a $3k per year right-off on your poor judgement and stock pick - taken to the cleaners.

    This is why the big investors filed a lawsuit so they get their money and you don't. I've seen this happen so many times in the past. Live and learn kids - you were warned....but I forgot, people like Kutz and Cep (the GOM offshore dishwasher) knew better.....I always get the last laugh anyway, it just takes time to prove me right as always.

    This topic is deleted.
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