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  • ak47nukka ak47nukka Apr 9, 2011 1:20 AM Flag

    got my shares, u got urs?


    This is a LLOOOOOOONG play. and longs will have a home run.

    I'm not pumping at all, because when I say long, it's a speculative play with $5-25 pps value in 3-10 years. It's all what this company is doing now and intends to do in the next decade.

    I don't understand the "Vegas trip" mentality.

    I don't understand Dem thinking that this stock is going to make him a millionaire in 2 years, or that this is a company you can compare to DNDN or any other drug development pharma.

    This pharma is a MANUFACTURING company. It has the resources to develop drugs that have prior FDA approval.

    This is not a bad thing - Its a company that has finally MADE MONEY.

    It is a company that WILL MAKE MORE MONEY.

    But don't for a second compare it to something like KERX, where all it holds is potential value, when realize will make it a 100 bagger in 5 years.

    ELTP is awesome, don't get me wrong: a real, profit potential manufacturing company that is getting good partnerships, has a pipeline and some things it's gonna do on its own.

    Bottom line:

    In a year this thing has to go to a buck and get listed on the Nasdaq, or I'm dumping my shares and not recommending it to anyone. Right now? Everyone should get in. As shareholders and longs, we should do whatever it takes to invest towards that goal - getting f'ing listed, so we can see the exposure and liquidity actually make this puppy fly.

    Otherwise, pumpers and shorts win.

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    • AK47 says its going to a buck soon

    • we need institution to get us on the top, That will happend soon were going to hit a dollar by year end and were off to the promise land.

    • Listen ak, elite said 6 drugs on market in 6 months, by year end they can have 14 drugs on the market, also, when the patentnis awarded for oxy, they will disclose the euro partner, thats drug is a brand name drugs.
      Elite pps will rise that fast, csto just did 50 cents in 2 weeks, from 15.
      Eltp had a traget price set of 4.50, that price stands now more than ever, 14 drugs means over 100 mill a year for them, also they will keep adding anda, they are a mini hitk, elite will have 30 to 40 drugs on the market in 2 years.
      They have built up the buss, over 10 years, its not a start up.
      Also the oxy drug is past phase 2 ready for trails, when they get the patent it over, they own the tech, and will licence it.
      Also they will make so many othe opiates, you do not need to wait 5 years to make money selling narcos, elite can start from 0 and be a 200 mill dollar company with out oxy in two years, the bussiness is already built, took ten years to get to this piont.
      Dude so many other stock run to a 1.70 or so, arwr just did it last year from 30 cents, when a new uptrend starts and the company is growing fast like elite , the pps rises as fast. Do not underestimate elites revenue generating potentail, also epic own half and will keep comming out with drugs also to make there investment worth hundreds of mill of bucks.
      When the oxy patent gets approved its over, they will disclose there euro partner. You cant argue that when elite will have 14 drugs out in 12 months.
      When elite starts to bring in real revenue, and grows every quarter, and sets new records every single quarter, nobody will ever want to sell.
      Eltps bad days are behind it.

    • Actually our Vegas trip will be in less than 1 year from now and the pps will have exceeded $5/share by then. In 5-10 years half of us will be too old to party hard in vegas and most of the single guys here will be married or have a litter of children by then and not be able to go anyways. I've been here almost 2 years and yes I'm very long as I'm probably the longest on this board but I have to say if this baby makes me a few million I'm out and happy. I might let like 50,000 shares ride in the end. Who knows

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