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  • Hikeleader Hikeleader Aug 15, 2011 12:04 PM Flag

    what happens w/o testing new oxy's on addicts

    1) Jason is right on, it's about creating a barrier to entry. Addicts will always find a way. It's about not creating new addicts.

    2)The oxy in the blog posted is about time release, not abuse resistant. Very different.

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    • Jason is wrong, oxy/nal will do nothing to prevent one from becoming addicted, that isn't even what the goal is. What it will do is make it extremely difficult for addicts to doctor to use in their favored way, i.e. snorting, smoking, etc....

      As far as Mei, "testing" on addicts can't really happen as such prior to marketing, as it can't be done in any way other than a controlled setting. Which is why the FDA refuses to allow any pharmaceutical company to promote "abuse-resistance" on the label of any abuse resistant opioids that have been fact, they've been required to state that they are NOT abuse resistant. What the FDA wants is studies after the drug has been released into the real world, out of the controlled world of pharm labs, to see how addicts take to the new drug......

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