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  • pagiantmetknicksfan pagiantmetknicksfan Jan 8, 2012 10:32 PM Flag

    Why bashers have been scrambling all weekend here

    Bashers working all weekend on this board. 24/7/365

    Why would bashers feel it necessary to bash a stock that just went on a run due to the announcement of a 5+ million dollar favorable financing that has come at a time when the company is looking to partner on a 400m drug and is a couple million from making that partnership as described by the CEO in the last conference call?

    They are trying to take over the yahoo message board so they can manipulate the stock up and down to acquire as many shares as they can before the next run up. It’s that simple.

    Here is the list of everything going on with the company that I can think of. Verify everything for yourselves. Filter on threads with at least 3 stars and trust verifiable links and data. This company has amazing potential and most of the catalysts for the PPS are known and documented and in the near future.

    That’s why the manipulators are at work all weekend. ~5 products/approvals are expected to have a PR as soon as Monday. That is a verifiable fact. Read the transcript from the last conf call.

    Elite has a partner for half of Eli 154 which is extended release 24 hour Oxycontin. Elite has a patent pending for this and for the first documented time they had a conference call with the Patent office. They need to adjust the scope of their argument to be about only Oxycontin or remove their references to the 40% plasma levels to get the patent claim approved.

    They announced in the last conf call that they have a European partner for this drug willing to fund half the PH3 trials to commercialize. The other half which is a couple million may very well be from this new funding deal. It is a 400m drug

    Eli 216 is an 800m market drug for abuse resistance Oxycontin. Per the last submission to the patent office Elite has effectively show that not only is their tech not “obvious” by an artisan in the science but actually contrary to what you would expect the results to be. This obviousness has been the holdup on the patent but the coatings

    Elite is using to sequester the naltrexone produces unexpected results and sequesters the naltrexone with effectively no leakage. This is amazing and why Elite is a game changer in the science. Elite has recently started up commercial batches of Eli 216 which is either to show a partner that there is no leakage on a commercial scale.

    Elite unique branded products are effectively leading edge in a 20 billion dollar market

    The above two items is why Elite used to sell for dollars but a close call with BK and poor management through 2009 drove them to OTC land. New management put in a different business plan and off we go.

    Here are the products for the generic drug / contract business – Elite was operationally profitable on 4m dollars before Lodrane was pulled in 2011. ECR has been working to get an NDA for Lodrane since 2010.

    Elite recently completed PH1 and is close to completing the final phase of getting their second manufacturing facility up and running. This doubles their manufacturing capability. FDA and DEA have completed inspections. They are using the facility not for packaging of the products

    Here is a good link for the products. They are a mix of pain relief and other meds. There are 27 products coming to include the items above. At least 5 are expected this quarter

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