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  • meifud meifud Mar 20, 2013 1:10 PM Flag

    pumpers are throwing up, mystified by what is happening, again

    all they got to do is read the SEC filings or just listen to the factfinders posting on this board

    the last thing they should be doing is misinterpreting the ceo who has clearly told the SEC recently that there is doubt as to elite's ability to continue as a going concern

    but they are enamored with this stock -- love has blinded them, they cannot see they are married to a goat

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    • they are so angry with themselves, just sickened by these sixes

    • Got packing material?

    • they keep pretending elite is in good shape, doesn't need financing or partners, but here are the facts taken right out of elite's own filings with the SEC and available to anyone and everyone who cares about the truth...
      -- worst current ratio ever got even redder last qtr
      -- revenues essentially flat for last 4 quarters, up only $18k
      -- lodrane D doing next to nothing, as is bontril generic
      -- negative cash flow, huge negative tangible net worth
      -- selling accumulated tax losses with no hope to be using
      -- already technically bankrupt with liabilities exceeding assets
      -- in DEFAULT on the tax free bond used to finance their main facility
      -- has GIVEN UP on time release oxy patent, once considered a cornerstone
      -- CANNOT find a partner for snort proof FDA trials, or even for Euro time release
      -- CANNOT get money from anywhere except expensive bridge loans from own ceo
      -- seeing all of its products pitifully under-performing, with nothing any different in pipeline
      -- admitting to the SEC they need more financing after already ballooning to 350 million shares from less than 20 million outstanding six years ago
      -- changing accounting to appear to be approaching cash flow positive
      -- specter of bk hangs on them like green on broccoli (default and current assets/liabilities ratio)
      -- tax credits are not even a drop in the bucket for a 350 million share company already in default
      -- tangible net worth has been in long tern downward trend and deep in the red
      -- NO progress reported on BE and PK studies and NONE on phase III trials
      -- pipeline has produced nothing of importance, and has nothing of importance. all andas acquired on the cheap, the acquisition costs of some being already fully written off
      -- snort proof patent caused stock to drop and never recover

      and then there is a whole lot of andas and aspirations and goals and visions carried over from last year which were carried over from the year before and the year before that, except there are fewer and fewer resources available to accomplish much of anything which is why elite is basically living off high interest, short term loans from its ceo

    • Huh?? Your on the wrong MB.

      --ratios improving, greener than last year
      --revenues rising last 4 quarters
      --Lodrane 24 still in the line up
      --Lodrane D gaining market share
      --approaching cash flow positive
      --CEO loaned the co. 1 million dollars unsecured (non-dilutive)
      --avoided BK 2 + years ago
      --interest paid in full on all loans
      --ELI-216 ART opiods still a priority, closer along than people think
      --2nd patent for ELI-216 allowed, protecting their unique 2 bead technology
      --partner for ELI-216 ART could be announced at any time *******
      --Novel net worth growing 31 drugs FDA approved
      --10% ownership in Novell Labs Novel has approached Elite for monetization
      --estimates for 10% of Novel range from 10 million to nearly 100 million
      --Elites debt of 3.5 million will be wiped out with Novel sale
      --current launched drugs continue to gain market share
      --3 drug launchs imminent
      --reasonable float size
      --BE and PK studies progressing, some near completion
      --New Jersey tax credits approaching 1 million dollars
      --Phase III trials for AR CR OXY could begin tomorrow
      --impressive pipeline
      --Hong Kong NDA progressing
      --MIK-001 possible improved Embeda
      --first of 8 Epic drugs due out anytime
      --undisclosed ANDA's could come out any day
      --micro capsule patent progressing, smallest size in the industry
      --Naltrexone launching soon
      --Jt's goal is to have a complete line of abuse resistant opiods
      --return to nasdaq exchange
      --modular technology good for ALL opiods
      --STOPP ACT gov mandates pushing Elite foward

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • pompom pumpers are puking again this morning at the appearance of the .06's that they knew, absolutely KNEW, would never, ever, not even conceivably be seen again

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