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  • meifud meifud Mar 22, 2013 5:01 PM Flag

    pompom pumpers continue to claim victory because elite is still not yet .04

    the height of stupidity and arrogance and ego
    they said it was going much, much higher when it ran into the .20's
    they said it would fly past a buck when the patent was announced last May
    they said it would turn and run higher with every report and cc and pr for the last two years

    dogs are smarter than that
    rocks are smarter than that

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    • these pumpers are among those dumb enough to prefer being right than being happy

      because elite has so far only fallen 80% instead of the full 85% represented by that last penny of the prediction somehow makes them think they have been right all along

      hmm-mm, the FACT that elite has NOT gone up at all as they repeatedly posted that it would is proof enough they have been very, very, very wrong -- have completely picked the wrong direction for the stock

      and then we have all the guarantees on the way down that went kablooie, such as elite would never fall below .20 again, and then never below .17 again, followed by .14 and .12 and the benchmark that got the most posts accompanied by puerile insults involved the infamous single digits

      well, folks, lookie where we be...