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  • eltpurclowns eltpurclowns May 18, 2013 3:39 PM Flag

    Official Announcement 5/20/13

    Every pharmacuetical company worldwide will close up shop because, Epuke (aka Elite, 28 employees, massive 15,000' facility) has cornered the market on every known drug in the universe. Said one executive of one of the giants of the pharma industy , "We knew it was over when their stock price spiked to .0705 on massive trading volume Friday and knowing their next announcement could push this past .08, everyone in the industry is through, we will all be filing for bankruptcy in the next few weeks, 2 bead will make Elite trillions all thanks to the pumping of Crotchsmeller, Aquadumby, Goatslurpper and all the other experts who called this a great company. "