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  • g_jakes g_jakes Jan 10, 2014 9:04 PM Flag

    6 products being sold and the pps is .1605 ?

    I just came across this company, and I'm interested in possibly investing. So I went to iHub and did a little research. Their info on the company states that it has 6 products that are currently being sold. Shouldn't these products yield enough to bring this company's share price off the floor? The recent news about a developing product sounds exciting. But with 6 products not selling much, is number 7 going to be more of the same? Can someone with more experience with this company enlighten me?
    Thanks in advance.

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    • The six products are "singles." The tamper-resistant opiates being tested are the grand slam home runs. Really and truly, this could be a billion dollar company.

    • I have been invested for about 2.5 years, watching every day.
      I can tell you that when I first invested back then.... ELTP only had one main product being manufactured, Lodrane 24. Well FDA randomly pulls 500 cough/cold medicines, one of which being Lodrane (95% of Elite's revenues at the time). The company had just began turning a profit, check the chart, you will see the spike to .24 cents a share, then out of the blue, when news of the FDA drug pull hit, back down we went. To be honest, I am surprised Elite was able to recover.

      Just know these products are VERY NEW, and revenues for each are growing quarter over quarter. We would have been back to break-even point a few months ago, had we not began trials for our abuse resistant line (where the REAL money is, couple billion dollar market for opiates currently in the U.S.), but in my opinion the start of trials is very exciting because they had been working on abuse resistant opioid patents for around a decade and JUST got approval for them in 2012.

      Elite Pharma is a win win, I can tell you that for a 100% FACT. Whether they simply continue to add to their existing portfolio of R/D products, or hit a home-run with their abuse resistant product line and gain access to a billion dollar market, Elite is a solid investment.

      Don't be fooled by those who constantly post negative things about Elite, in fact, the very presence of those people proves that this stock is worthwhile. Nobody would post negative things EVERY day for years about a company...UNLESS they were actually invested themselves and attempting to scare weak holders away in hopes of acquiring more cheap shares.

      This has been the only in-depth post on this board I have ever created, and if you all could give this a thumbs up so other new investors can actually see some truthful DD, that would be awesome!

      Patience fellow longs and new investors, Elite will be back on the Nasdaq and out of the pennies in 1-2 years.
      Feel free to ask any more questions

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • you must have a lot of aliases to get all those thumbs up
        is this the only one you started since january 11th

      • elite also has 500 million outstanding shares, which is a problem. company will likely do an RS at some point if they become more successful. so i think some people may be holding out until then.

      • Thank you for your post. Very informative.

      • And to elaborate a little bit more on why this stock is still in the pennies with 6 approved products is because, as stated previously, they are VERY new. It takes time to develop each product, but just know that each one is gaining momentum with every passing day showing quarter-over-quarter growth.

        Another reason why it is still .16 a share is because of their cash shortage, in fact 2 CEO's have now loaned ELTP 1 million dollars each to further expedite processes and get revenues the growth necessary to become profitable again. The FDA product-pull is what almost crippled the company, and ate up a lot of the available cash, hence the loans. But the fact that not ONE, but TWO CEO's have now donated 1million PERSONAL dollars each is a positive thing in my opinion...I say this only because no CEO in their right mind would knowingly stake such a large portion of their PERSONAL money, if they knew that the company was going to be bankrupt. (Let alone two CEO's) The cash loans have helped expedite sales and expenses for the 6 new drugs, and also fund the initial phase of our abuse resistant line (pilot trials) that will take us to dollar land for sure. Results of these trials are said to be announced before the end of January!!

        **We could see a major spike in share price with positive outlook from the Pilot BE trials, so invest before it's too late!** (I believe that the reason we are currently seeing a rise in pps is due to the anticipation of that alone.)

        KEEP IN MIND PEOPLE ONLY 6 OTHER MAJOR PHARMACIES HAVE APPROVED ABUSE RESISTANT PATENTS, go take a gander at their stock prices ;) The fact is...the FDA is on Elite's side, look at what just happened to Oxycontin when Purdue's patent expired

        The last reason ELTP is still a penny stock is because they have been in default w/ some bonds, but everyone wants their money, and there is no way in hell with Elite being this close to profitable that they wouldn't be approved the necessary loans to survive. Thumbs up!!

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • thanks for the history! didnt know that about lodrane. thumbs up from me!

    • From what I read, those products are *new* to ELTP due to recent acquisition of Epic Pharma. The drugs are highly profitable and will bring in better revenue from here on. They also have drugs in trial and they look promising. This company is rebranding itself. Patience is needed. Maybe some others can offer their insight.

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      • elite has NOT acquired epic pharma
        the drugs have NOT been highly profitable or even profitable -- but that should change if they can keep making inroads against the generic competition and keep boosting production
        but are you even aware that elite has acquired drugs from mikah that have been approved and will be produced by epic as soon as the change of location is approved
        do you really think "promising" is an appropriate descriptor for elite's FDA trials
        you don't seem to know much about elite at all, and yet you say it is rebranding itself
        suggest you take a break from posting and read some SEC filings

    • do dd on art tech, drug trials one began today, do dd on discussions ongoing as I write with major
      pharma, do dd on isradipine this is going to be the best performing stock % wise this year

      hurry before you miss the first of many doubles with eltp this year

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