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  • broken_investor broken_investor Jul 3, 2014 12:18 PM Flag

    Working it back down again

    Same old song and dance. Pretty pathetic. Tried to get out but waited too long. One more spike, that's all I need - learned my lesson. This is dead money for a while and I'm tired of watching it go up and down. Absolutely no support from management to help drive it up (even though NasRAT thinks its worth over $2). I don't think they want it to go up right now. When I think about the last two CC's and the content, it's clear they are not interested in the share price increasing, or they are just really bad at the PR game. NasRAT could definitely use some help on that end. Lots of inconsistencies on information coming out and even between the rat and Carter (CFO) during the CC. They had different answers as to when the bonds will be paid off, Isradipine is now delayed until the fall, the rat has no problem with the issuance of 108M shares from Lincoln... We won't be getting any help from management, period. So, it's either languish here in limbo watching it push up into the .40s by the MMs and then back down into the .30s, or put your money somewhere else for a while. Regardless, truly disappointed in NasRAT right now and his lack of commitment to the shareholders.

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    • the only thing pathetic is your post but then you already know that!

    • Well if you can find a way to not only get FDA approval let alone create an abuse resistant drug faster than eltp with positive results please tell us?! What you say has no merit on what's going to happen now nor in the future so if you have an issue with eltp please sell your shares and find some other stock to complain to. Not only is eltp up almost 230% year to date, but they have patented technology that other companies want. Also, before Nasrat even got on board this company was in a hole and he brought them up by creating positive quarterly reports since he started. With a solid pipeline generating profit while working on ART and looking for partnerships. He worked with Activis for a few years, so I think he knows what he needs to do to get this baby up there. He has his priority on ART and they want it to succeed taking the time to do it right rather than failing and wasting even more time. the only thing BROKEN here is your attitude with ELITE.

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    • Give It Up You Short !

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    • So sell and move on trader

    • This is a very short sighted opinion of this stock. In the next 90 days:

      1. 4 generics will launch, increasing revenue by about 50% or more
      2, The results from 4 studies will be released
      (a) Eli-202 BE study
      (b) Invitro Eli-202 results
      (c) Eli-200 human abuse
      (d) Invitor Eli-200 human abuse
      3. Most likely another BE study will begin (Eli-201 or Eli-216)

      The news may come in July, in August or in September or in some combination, but it's coming.

      Success and this stock is nowhere near worth 40 cents.

      You are free to sell at 45 cents. But my lord, you will kick yourself when you see this stock at 80 cents, then $1.20, then $1.80 then $2.50...

      This isn't pump either. Approval of Eli-200 is worth $500 million a year. Our current income is 4.4 million a year. Do the math. Eli-202 would follow closely behind. Then Eli-201, Eli-216.. you get the point.

      You can argue if you these products will be approved, or when they will be approved, but you cannot argue the value IF they are approved.

      The closer Elite gets to approval, the higher the stock goes. End of story.

      By the way, it appears the selling is over. Yesterday saw buying at almost 2 to 1. You will be able to sell your shares soon. Don't worry.

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    • You should def sell on the next "spike" to .45, .50 or .55 and never come back with this ID or any other one. Dead money- sure until Elite markets their ART products - then we are talking an easy 5,10 or even 15 bagger from here. This is a retirement stock and it requires patience. Clearly something you lack.

      ART is where the real ROI comes from- until then this is the OTC and Nasrat has no control over the PPS here. You whine like my little sister- YOU should sell- maybe you can ask your Mom to hold your hand on the next stock you buy.

      When the ART is launched and I retire- I'll make sure to say I told you so.

    • Here is your spike, but your a short sided day trader if you get out. Your absolutely right that Nasrat doesn't care right now that the stock is priced lower than it should be. He doesn't care because he is not interested, or needs to sell any shares right now. Even said he wouldn't be selling them to LPC at this price, and that is no problem because he doesn't need their money in the next few months. If he achieves what he says he will in the next few months the stock will increase. It doesn't matter that it is not rising now, But your post indicates you are uncomfortable sitting on a stock that is not increasing, and only increasing in price. That really limits your ability to trade successfully. But good luck to you, maybe you are very good at knowing that a stock is going to rise in value within a month or two. I have always had to sit on them for a few years.

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      • I don't see why you have to wait that long. This could be a long term play, but it looks like it has a lot of room to get out and then back in at a lower price. Lots of big fluctuations. It went from the upper .30s to the mid .40s. I should have bailed because I felt uneasy about them waiting to the last day to release. And it turned out they had nothing really to report. They were below expectations and there really wasn't any big announcements. I think that was the major disappointment (no announcements/updates) and the reason for the 15% drop. Nasrat making a couple of quotes like "there's no stopping us" doesn't cut it. It's kind of amateur hour if that is his best response at a CC. It was a nice spike at the end; agreed. If it can continue into the .40s next week, I can sell and come back later when we are closer to the end of the year.

    • See ya on the upside.

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