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  • rhallzng rhallzng Aug 13, 2014 10:36 AM Flag

    You know Gordon it could just be coincidental that he gifted those warrants....

    Why cant we just let what happens happen and not speculate and give the impression that we are all giddy about some warrants? WE ARE A LONNNNG WAY AWAY FROM THIS STOCK GOING UP SO DONT BLOW SMOKE UP THE NEW HOLDERS BUTTS

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    • 'Rhallzng', Hoochie/MoM/Pagi/Tangerine is just like Couch and his many many ID's, all they will ever do is PUMP/HYPE and never post the good with the bad !!!!! All of Elite's management could parish in a plane crash and YOU & I could take over daily operations and those two with all their many ID's would continue to PUMP/HYPE the company !!!
      Those two are useless !!!


    • Its called speculation and it is something that is quite common at this level but there is speculation with substance behind it and then there is speculation with nothing behind it to support it. Which do you think is more likely in this case?

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      • Well since 2011 this has been a great investment (not showing a good return till this spring) but don't you HONESTLY believe with the information that is readily available that we are a long way from seeing any type of significant rise in the share price? The facts are this Camargo doesn't release any trial info. Unlike other trials you can go to clinical trials dot gov and see the results. We don't know what the means or endpoints are, we don't know if they were met and we cant get the info from Elite so you don't know HOW these tests are going and neither do I or anyone else. The ANDAs aren't updated and they API is coming from China for isradipine and Ive checked the Orange book every day so we are at the SAME PLACE that we have been for months. NAsrat himself said he wouldn't entertain selling the company until we are further along in the development of the ART products. So there is NOTHING to speculate it was just a gift and if the stock goes up MONDAY so be it but you could seriously put your spirit fingers back in your pocket and stop the cheerleading because until the first ART product gets submitted we don't have diddly but some generics and about 8-10 million annual revs that wont cover our expenses. My two cents..

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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