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  • Increased volume and price increase...this could be the start of something good! Cant wait for earnings...Ok, well, it sounds good, but one never knows! Time will tell. Just sell the company already

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    • They have 24 cents/share in cash, no long term debt and they are CLOSE to SUSTAINED profitability. I know liquidity is poor but there is no reason for this stock to stay at these low levels. Over the next few quarters if the numbers look as good as I would expect, we should see the stock make a run at $1 and in reality it should work higher from there.

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      • So, now a year later, and what's different?

        Seems you're story hasn't changed one bit and there's been a few quarters since that post - so where is $1 and higher?

        There's nothing here - just the dream that there is.

        Good luck.

      • thoughts exactly, which was why I was bottom feeding on the share price under 20 cents...did not pick up as much as I wanted, but that is ok. A buck a share sounds nice and two sounds twice as nice. I have owned this for a long time...think it went over 3 for awhile. I like that there are not a lot of shares out there and the financials look good. Will it ever be 20 a share??..probably not, but 3 to 5 possibly. Maybe some one would buy it out.

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