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  • intrepid_1_1999 intrepid_1_1999 Oct 3, 2003 11:43 AM Flag

    I agree..

    I like the various elements of this company also. Lot's of cash. Good products. The right market. Strong Patent position (with tons of patents). Law suits against some of the biggest names in Wifi which they will win either big bucks or great product settlements from. But most of all I like the Brains involved with this company. They, not just managment, are a smart company. If they succeed in making soft wifi connections like they did soft modems watch out. I'm in for the long haul.. I see great things coming from Pctel.

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    • The managment has disappointed me. When they changed from soft modem to wifi, roaming etc.. they appeared to have their act together. But it appears that they may have missed the boat. Wifi has not taken off as anticipated and new technologies have come of age that may circumvent pctel all together. They've spent an inordinant amount of time in collecting money from lawsuits. The cash is great, but this isn't a law firm. I would have figured that by now some of these liscencing agreements would have at least shown up in the form of new products from other companies. I'm afraid Pctel may very well get leap frogged by Wireless broadband and other new technologies. Remember that little pink sheet Calypso Wireless.. you might want to read their press release today. It's a rapidly evolving communications market. And even little companies can take a bite out of a business plan. The one positive I see is Pctel's cash position. And as for the CEO and managment team they seem to be milking this company like a cow. They're rich as 3 foot up a bulls butt. They're not hungry enough to make this thing work. They are content making big salaries and living the high life. Sure the head hancho is a Phd. but if you listen to investment gurus they all say don't invest in a company run by a Phd. They can't see the forest for the trees. Look what happened with JDSU and Josef Strauss, phd. Once he took over the company from a business whiz he got his rear handed to him in short order. Maybe I'm wrong. And maybe you're right. Time will tell. But before I reinvest in Pctel I've got to see a better game plan.

    • And speaking of their Brain ... What do you
      know about their brain.. ha ha ha ha !!!!

    • amen

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