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  • tthorp2003 tthorp2003 Mar 7, 2012 7:27 PM Flag

    Note on page 5 of open briefing:

    Note on page 5 of open briefing:
    " Our biggest consulting projects at present are in support of the unmanned aerial systems (UAS) markets. This is primarily for the US but has potential for international growth. These projects go beyonf Orbital's traditional fuel system and engine management systems products: we're designing, developing and integrating full engine systems for unmanned aerial surveillance vehicle applications. There is short and medium term growth potential in this market, and with sucess, thiscould be a significant long term niche market for Orbital."

    I interpret this to mean orbital is building(with partners or sub-contractors) engines for this market. It ties in with the statement recently in the half year report:

    " A major part of the engineering and consulting work carried out during the half year was the developement and supply of heavy fuel engines for AAI Unmanned Aircraft Systems, an operating unit of Textron Systems, a Textron Inc (NYSE: TXT) company.The engine is incorporated in the latest Aerosonde(R) small unmanned aerial vehicle(UAV). This new UAV was recently previewed in a Flight Global article, dated 11 January 2012*. The engine is a 3 kW(4hp) heavy fuel engine built to meet US military requirements. The Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) market is an emerging market for OCS. Many UAS applications around the world are calling for "one fuel' policy. For small reconnaissance UAS applications , engine size and weight are critical. orbital's FlexDI(TM) systems , coupled to purpose desighned light weight two-stroke engines enable a spark-ignition engine package that can operate independently on heavy fuels such as kerosene, JP5 and JP8.
    The developement and supply of engines for AAI offset a a reduction in orbital's tradional consulting services revenue."

    And the " Built By Orbital" statement from AAI quoted here:

    "Referred to internally as the 'RG,' the latest Aerosonde model is a modification of the Mk 4.7 and includes the aircraft's same 6.8kg (15lb) payload capacity. The changes include a 3kW (4hp) heavy fuel engine, built by Orbital, to meet US military requirements. The increased power allows the aircraft to generate up to 300 watts for payloads, allowing greater choice and flexibility for operators."