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    Saab/Skeldar V-200 Maritime Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), Sweden

    Skeldar V-200 Maritime Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), Sweden

    Skeldar V-200 Maritime is a medium-range vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) developed by the Saab Group. The UAV, capable of being launched from the deck of any vessel, delivers real-time intelligence and surveillance. Skeldar V-200 is a more cost-effective alternative to conventional helicopters used in surveillance missions. It is being offered for the US Navy ISR programme. The US Navy plans to equip some of its Arleigh Burke Class destroyers with either VTOL or fixed-wing platforms.
    Engine and performance of Saab's naval Skeldar V-200 UAV
    Skeldar UAV is powered by a two-cylinder, in-line, two-stroke, liquid cooled internal combustion engine. The engine is rated at 55hp and runs at a constant 6,000rpm. It is equipped with an electronic fuel injection / ignition system.

    The engine is Hirth/Orbital Heavy fuel

    3503 heavy fuel – High Performance at low weight

    The 3503 heavy fuel is an water cooled, reed valve controlled 2-cylinder-inline-2-stroke engine with electronic direct injection and Nikasil coated cylinders. It has one of the highest power to weight

    ratio available on the 60 HP engine market. Ideally all kind of propeller applications with direct drive or gear reduction and all applications where the power to weight ratio is an issue. Factory

    recommended TBO is rated at 1000 hours at 75 % power.

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    • I had a competition two-stroke motorcycle with a Nikasil coated cylinder. It was a single cylinder 350cc Montesa (a Spanish company that was bought out by Honda). The engine held up well through three grueling National events that lasted about five hours each and several State events that were about half as long. I could ride that bike over a car with no ramp.