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  • ski4ru ski4ru Mar 20, 1999 11:56 PM Flag


    The solar flares occur on a cycle with the next
    peak late dec / early jan. Remeber the last MINIMAL
    solar flare that knocked out the satillite that was a
    satcom for the mobile phones / beepers? Or knocked out
    the power grid in Canada? those were minimal, when
    the cycle peaks major ionizing storms are going to
    occur. The last major cycle happened in the late 70's
    and as most comsat at that time were harden military
    types, most were not affected. Now we have IRIDIUM,
    INCOM etc, none of which are harden for EMP (ionizing
    That said maybe the board should advertise light
    equipment for the shelters at HUB.COM.......

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    • Hmmmm. if you're right, ski, than perhaps I
      should dump my HUB.COM now. Since the solar flares are
      going to trash all the power generation grids, the only
      product HUB.COM will have to sell is their battery pack
      emergency lighting equipment.
      Since that's just a tiny
      portion of lighting, HUB.COM appears more vulnerable to
      this solar flare thing than I would have imagined.
      Better sell.
      Thx. The Doc.