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  • gwconcord gwconcord May 17, 2009 10:21 PM Flag

    RUEHL problems

    What happened to your earlier acknowledgment that this is an international story? I was in three of their stores in Toronto this afternoon (Sherway Gardens: ANF, Hollister, and kids). There were "clearance" signs at the front of each store. Scattered throughout the stores were some clearance tables, and most of these tables were empty or close to sold out. The markdown at Hollister was maybe $5 Cdn per tee from $25. There was not much available at sale prices at ANF. All of the stores had line-ups, with about 15 people at the Kids vs. 20+ people in the ANF and Hollister stores. This compared to line-ups of about 5 people at American Eagle and American Apparel, and nobody at the check-out counter at Guess.

    The line ups in Canada are consistent with Jeffries' comment in the conference call that a store that just opened in the UK had line ups to get in and 5 times the business of an American store opening.

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    • Well I guess then they should close all the U.S. stores and go North of the border, EH? Seriouslythough, I know you are a fan of ANF and you know I am a sceptic of ANF. I would be a long term buyer of this stock in the mid teens but at these levels NO WAY!To much risk. At this point I am just looking to be a trader because the daily moves are to good to pass up on. And yes, I do believe international expansion is a GREAT move for this company. However they have to fix there U.S. presence first.

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      • No need to close the U.S. stores, just send all that excess U.S. inventory to Vancouver in time for the Olympics!

        I would agree with your long term buyer in the teens theory, but I don't know if you'll get to see it at that. Short term fluctuations are unpredictable, but I do think the stock prices of consumer discretionary retailers in March had a doomsday-nobody-will-ever-buy-anything-again cost factored in, not just for this company, but for many.

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