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  • nemesis_edjtor nemesis_edjtor Jun 25, 2012 1:03 AM Flag

    Gun control contributed to the Halocaust

    LOL sure. You and your semi automatic pea shooters are a real match for a gov't military.

    You'll be like the guy at Ruby Ridge who stepped out of his cabin one morning for a smoke and to scratch his sack and ended up with a slug in his skull. Never even saw the shooter.

    Today's snipers can put a 50 cal. in you from so far away they'll be home having lunch before your widow hears the shot. You gun nuts are hilarious.

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    • diego004 Jun 25, 2012 9:24 AM Flag

      "You and your semi automatic pea shooters are a real match for a gov't military."

      Why do people like to take discussions so far away from the immediate topic?

      Is it not obvious that store owners in London would have been better off if they were armed rather than waiting for the London police to "protect" their property?

      btw, burglary is MUCH higher in the UK than in the US -- basically b/c burglars have no fear of being shot when breaking into a home.

      You are merely stating the obvious wrt gov't snipers and military armaments.

      "You gun nuts are hilarious."
      An assumptive description not based on anything presented.

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