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  • cherryanf cherryanf Dec 27, 2012 11:40 AM Flag

    Why does Obama want to ruin our economy?

    Hiram, have you any ideas?

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    • i_from_bain_where_2_helpppppp i_from_bain_where_2_helpppppp Dec 28, 2012 12:36 PM Flag

      “B E L I E V E I N D U H 1 %. And don't mind duh yellowTriKKle-down”



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    • I don't think he does. He does want to make progress on certain issues such as the problems associated with the aging of the economy. What Obama favors is pretty widely popular. Which doesn't mean that it's right of course.

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      • "It's interesting to me that now, as the role of the federal government is going to increase, even critics of Obamacare are now advocating increasing what is covered."

        These horrific mass killings by young men are probably caused by under-treated or untreated schizophrenia. That's what the NYT article I mentioned (but deleted?) talked about. Society needs to deal head on with serious mental health issues. The rights of the insane shouldn't trump the rights of society to be safe.

      • Which Obama? The real one or the media creation. The fact is, Obama was a white kid with brown skin, who grew up in an affluent white neighborhood. He has a pretty boring past. What's amazing, is the caricature, the pot smoking, coke dealing Black man who couldn't start on the basketball team because he didn't "play like a white boy", (the team won multiple state championships) is what the democrat advertising machine created to make him APPEAL TO DEMOCRATS!!

        The statement "If I had a son he'd be like Trayvon"!! hahaha.. His daughters are total uberwealthy snobs from Sidwell friends. The Democrat election machine created the "loser barack" because studies showed their party appeals to losers. Barack was pushed through private schools just like George Bush.

        What's most amazing about this tax increase is all it is, is an extension of the pointless argument that was made in the campaign. The BANKS want a tax increase, because it provides cover for the fact that we are using back door bailouts to bail out Europe's banks where US banks have big holdings.

        This is EXACTLY what they did in 2007 when they used tarp to bail out Deutsche Bank, GE, GM and Berkshire Hathoway. This tax increase SOLVES NOTHING. Nothing at all. It will create about 60bn in tax revenues which will be outpaced by mandatory baseline spending increases by May 1 2013.

        People really are blind. Do you actually think the party that created the KKK cares about people? You can't make this stuff up. The democrats care about NOTHING but power. Chicago just had it's 500th murder... one city, 500 dead people, most of them youth and according the Democrats, we need gun control because of 27 white people in Connecticut. Meanwhile, cities with collapsing tax bases, worthless over unionized police departments and collapsing infrastructure are left to fend for themselves.

      • diego004 Dec 28, 2012 9:43 AM Flag

        H: "As for the Tytle quote, what often amazes me is the willingness of many people to vote against their interests. Mitt Romney advocated tax cuts for his wealth friends, relatively few in number, which were to be paid for by the general population, to be paid for by the rest of us. Mitt didn't win, but he came close."

        This example is singularly absurd. It's like saying cat owners who vote for Mitt (who favors dogs) are voting against their own interests. Here's a novel idea for you, perhaps some people don't believe it is morally right to "punish the rich" simply for being rich.

        H: "I have talked to a lot of people who vote for candidates who quite clearly support things that are contrary to their personal interest, cuts in Social Security and Medicare."

        Perhaps they are not single issue voters. Or perhaps they understand that blowing on a toy boat causes movement even if it doesn't move while sitting on a table. Or perhaps they realize that the pie is finite.

        H: "I wonder what data Professor Tytle relied upon in making his assessment. Did he do a lot of polling? Did he knock on a lot of doors?"

        The only thing we can say with some confidence is that he was not interested in playing word games.

    • I don't know if Hiram has a response to you, but I'll reply to this one.

      The President campaigned on a promise of raising tax rates on higher income Americans.

      He was re-elected.

      The majority of Americans in various polls support raising taxes rates on high income Americans.

      The majority of high income Americans support raising tax rates on themselves according to a poll cited by CNBC.

      The members of Congress who remain dead-set against raising anyone's taxes signed a pledge to not vote to raise anyone's taxes, in any situation, which would include the situation they are currently in, where not coming to a compromise will result in more people seeing their tax rates go up than voting to raise taxes on a small segment of the population. These representatives are not leaders, and they are the ones that the polls indicate the public will blame if America goes over the fiscal cliff.

      In many other countries, this behavior would be enough to have a party completely get voted out of office in the next election.

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