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  • sumikosumiko897 sumikosumiko897 Feb 13, 2013 7:32 PM Flag

    I find this valuation on ANF ridicoulous, am I right? tiny*pl/hk4v3


    I find this valuation on ANF ridicoulous, am I right?

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    • No. Valuation has no meaning here. This stock is controlled by four hedge funds and ANF retained Goldman to manipulate the stock price up. Stay away from this turd. It is strictly a day trade as long as the banksters are getting money from the Fed.

    • "Sounds like you agree with me that Fannie and Freddie were spectacular failures in ways that only government can facilitate. :-)"

      Oh sure, But there are lots of other ways to fail spectacularly.

      "that was the Clinton adminstration that decided NOT to regulate the shadow banking industry when it repealed Glass-Steagall."

      Are you agreeing with me here, but just blaming Clinton for it? I don't disagree, actually, with the notion that the Democratic Party was then, and continues to be, far too closely associated with Wall Street, far to vulnerable to the conventional wisdom even today which proved so disastrous for our economy.

      I think you have confused sub prime housing with sub prime loans, and that's what has led you astray. Lots of mortgages that failed were on housing that's perfectly fine. In any event, the concerns folks had with Fannie and Freddie, were not the concerns that either inflated the housing bubble or burst it. I mean really, I was there. I did not hear Republican or Democratic politicians complain that mortgages were too easy to obtain. Even today, Republicans are seeking to repeal the regulations designed to prevent what happened in the 2000's and return to a status quo ante that proved so destructive.

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