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  • msch8864 msch8864 Feb 21, 2013 9:05 AM Flag

    Is the media all just #$%$?

    Bloomberg just said inflation was low due to a drop in energy prices. Three paragraphs later they said gas went up 42 cents a gallon.

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    • Coal is down. So is natural gas. This is the same as saying that the rise in gasoline and food is balanced out by the drop in the value of your home. The economist says you are doing well.

    • Journalism is the first draft of history, but there are multiple drafts to come. For one thing, to say that inflation is related to energy prices is a simple way of saying a complex thing.

    • One of the things I find stunning is how unbelievably fascist America is becoming. The Crowley debate was the most pathetic I've seen since the media did an all out to rig the Gore Perot debate. The people are so breathtakingly stupid. In the case of Bush, EVERYKNEW Saddam didn't have WMD all the while Bush said "We know he has them".

      In the case of Obama, the democrats had a hammer hold on the media to the point where they actually "stole" the banks and military from the republicans, put key outsourcers in the cabinet, exploded US military spending, cut taxes drastically, poured almost 1.5 trillion in future taxpayers money into the banks, literally destroyed the middle class, totally abandoned the inner city and Blamed the whole thing on the NRA and Mitt Romney.

      I asked an old friend of mine that was a lobbiest for the Governors PAC about this. How clould rank and file democrats not know that Obama is LITERALLY throwing out all of their ideals and values. He said, They could care less. All they care about is power.

      It's always impossible to crawl into someones head, but it staggers me how stupid Americans are.

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      • All these things, by the way, are reasons why the image of Barack Obama as the angry black socialist didn't fly with the public. As I have stated many times around here, the problem with Obama wasn't that he was too different from Romney, rather it was that he was too much like him. In many respects, many of which are noted above, there was very little daylight between Obama and Mitt. In particular, what bothered many Democrats like me was that the president took his health care plan from Mitt, abandoning the far superior positions he took in the campaign of 2008. One of the unspoken truths of our political discourse, is that the only major problem Republicans had with Obamacare was that it was Obama who proposed it. It was a Republican plan and would have provoked little Republican opposition had a Republican proposed it in office. Indeed the opposition would have come from Democrats, and I have no doubt it would have been substantial.

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