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  • lumpen_proletariat lumpen_proletariat Mar 13, 2013 9:50 AM Flag

    Pump the trash. ANF, AEO, ARO all lied about February Sales.

    Who are you going to belive, the management or the government report? Yes, the price of cat food went up in February , and that is neither food, nor energy. and the price of homeowners went up too.

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    • hedgefundscontrolmarket hedgefundscontrolmarket Mar 13, 2013 10:47 AM Flag

      All of the luzury retailers are in bad shape and are dealing with declining trafic and lower sales. The only way sale happen is if they markdown the items. And ANF does not do well with markdowns. That is why they had to push an accounting change last quarter to value their growing inventory of items no one is buying.

      And the government numbers are nothing but flawed and misleading. They count gasoline sales as retail even though they know that as gas prices go up.....people have lest money and shop less...So to account for the decline in sales that rising gas prices cause, they add in the money spend on gas and it is a wash to the retail numbers. Actual store sales went down what do they do:::: They add auto sales to the retail number. It is not about providing consistent analysis of the real economy....It is about always providing numbers tht always appear to be positive.....

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