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  • stuckinamobile stuckinamobile Sep 6, 2013 12:24 PM Flag

    How can this stock be up today.....It is only going to get worse for Abercrombie

    I feel at 36.00......This stock is still overpriced. And I am baffled by the turnaround today from down 70 cents to up 75 cents. The markets are clearly rigged. We are supposed to cheer a stagnent economy becasue we do not count people who have given up trying to find a job they can actally pay the bills with. We are supposed to beleive 169,000 jobs were created while they quietly revised the July number down from 162,000 to just 104,000 the worst number in a year. So while they correct July down to 104.....I am supposed believe the 169 number and rally the market ?? I guess I do not have to.....They have trading programs designed to rally the market on any day they want the numbers to go up.
    Abercrombie has a disasterous quarter.....Back to school was nonexistant despite them telling you to go out and buy back to school clothes......No one did. So ANF is still overpriced becasue I am not at all believing the earning conference call where they say Abercrombie is going to sell alot of sweaters this Christmas. It is not happening. The third quarter will be worse. 40% second quarter miss, huge reduction to projections, failed management, failed inventory, bad press, terrible publicity, closing stores, missed the fashion boat with teen gils this year.....And the stock is UP TODAY and YESTERDAY? Right. Manipulation rules Wall Street.

    Under the bail out arrangement, in exchange for million and millions of taxpayer dollars, the banks and brokers had to agree to direct the markets as the administration instructed. They gladly agreed and here we are .....with a market growing at rates NEVER EVER SEEN.....While all the underlying numbers are changed to give a false impression that everything is great......

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • You are betting agains the Fed subsidies to Cohen and Blankfein

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      Really bad jobs and stagnant wages means more of this coming. Your misery is their joy.

    • What is baffling about the stock? Teens love the clothing. Educate me as I would like to know why it is a sell and not a buy.

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      • If teens love this clothing.....Why did same store sales decrease by 10% after they predicted growth? Why are they closing so many stores? Why is the only thing currently in the stores loud music, a stale stench from oversprayed clogne and inventory left over from January and February? The bad press, the arrogant CEO and several stars such as Ellen Degeneris, Taylor Swift and others has hurt the brand. Remember the on line campaign to give your Abercrombie clothing to the long as they were not "too fat" for the brand. Sorry.....I do not know what kids you are talking to.....but this is a black listed brand in many circles. The clearly missed the fashion boat for girls this summer and fall and have had inventory issues. There is noting good about ANF. The only thing good is that you can still get out in the 30's. Before the very dismal numbers for the next quarter come out.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

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