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  • bend_it_like_buffett bend_it_like_buffett Oct 23, 2013 10:53 PM Flag

    Earnings CAN'T be good with jeans selling for $39

    They used to sell for $88.

    Heck, JCP is selling Levis for $40. LOL.

    BTW, I think it's great that more people can afford their jeans now. Just saying that earnings could be down because of it.

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    • Who gives a #$%$ about the earnings. The crooked CEO can lie about next years earnings and the Fed is pumping 45 billion a month into the bank accounts of the primary dealers. This excrement market is all about keepting the corrupt banking system afloat. This is why this turd is being manipulated up. Do you think that any of the POSjews running the SEC enforcement division is going to do anything about it? They are there to cover up the criminal activity.

    • True Religion's founder said he could sell their jeans for $40 if they were made in China. So I'm not worried about significantly less elaborate Abercrombie jeans at that price point.

    • Forgot to mention, there wasn't one customer in the store when I walked through. How low does the prices need to go to attract customers? What a shame.

      Are people spending their last pennies on health insurance premiums now and can't afford ANF goods on sale?

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