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  • rwcva rwcva Oct 30, 2013 9:05 AM Flag

    Republicans don't want careers in government

    They give little thought to how to get there. Often they run for president only because they hope it will lead to more speaking gigs and TV appearances. That may explain why Republicans seem to attract the sort of candidate who enjoys startling people at cocktail parties with outlandish remarks. There is a great living to appealing to rubes and hotheads. Even if you lose, you'll get a talk show. A out half of the Republican candidates in the last two election cycles would have every stupid woman in America to drive to the polls, sobbing, in order to vote against them.

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    • I agree. And actually I'd love to be a democrat. But I just can't do it.First they're incerdibly immoral. I'm totally pro abortion, but they're stance on partial birth is pure evil. They refused to monitor or regulate clinics which is what led to the Megele factory in Philadelphia. They promote pedophilia.

      Second, they're unconcionably corrupt. They destroy every system they touch.

      But the biggest reason is simple. They are SOOOO STUPID. I'm a big believer in global pollution and strict limits on fossil fue;ls. Bt the whole idea that the US cut in coal is going to reduce CO2 levels is sooo stupid only a complete eco-tard would believe it. In fact, global CO2 levels are rising in every country that has adopted "green energy programs". Gore and Macauli\ff et al just use this as a way to grease they're palms. World wide green energy has been a total unmitigated disaster. It's exploded electricity prices and made germany and most of Europe vassal states of the soviet union.


    • Spend some time learning politics. Local women's Republican groups (mostly suburban) have been the heart of the GOP for fifty years. Ergo 'cocktail party' candidates. Union leaders and intercity government job bosses have been the heart of the Democratic Party for fifty years. Ergo anti-business pro-government spending candidates.

    • diego_gato Oct 30, 2013 9:18 AM Flag

      [Often they run for president only because they hope it will lead to more speaking gigs and TV appearances.]

      Assuming this is more true for Pubs than Dems, isn't this more admirable than being a lifelong politician living off the taxpayer while building bridges to nowhere in exchange for campaign contributions?

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