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  • msch8864 msch8864 Nov 4, 2013 2:28 PM Flag

    The President is now lying about his lie.

    12 million may very well be 5% of the population but it's not 5% of the POLICIES. Democrats seem to be contemptuous of honesty. This is one line from the Wite House. "many of the people who have to transition are going to get better insurance for less money, but they just can’t tell that right now because they can’t get on the Web site.”

    Double speak after doublespeak. Obviously if ou cant GET TO the website you can't get insurance.

    As I said before, to be a democrat you have to be utterly shameless. How can anybody defend this with a straight face? It's lie after lie after lie.

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    • the PREZ SAID you can pick up the PHONE ! Im sure FDRs SOC SEC had some snags

      GO FIND A BUSH/CHENEY WMD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      HOW MANY DIED...........for that LIE ?

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      • This is my favorite type of post because it shows the nature of the people who vote. Obama lied but that's ok because his lie was smaller than Bush's lie. This is a truly pathetic statement but it's pretty much the way 90% of voters think. (That is, if they think at all.)

        Freedom isn't chosing the better liar. It's not being free from Democrats. It's about being free from GOVERNMENT. What politics reveals is the clannish nature of humans and their inability to rise above their basic money instincts. 112% of the political comments are read are based on vodoo math, bank lobby economics, ape brain desires and the two towering emotions of politics, fear and envy.

        In fact fear and envy are should be the names of our ;political parties. To Republicans, politics is hiding from the boogie man. For Democrats, politics is punishing winners.

    • diego_gato Nov 4, 2013 3:34 PM Flag

      [How can anybody defend this with a straight face? It's lie after lie after lie.]

      For Democrats, "lying is fundamental."

      After all, according to our board liberal, Obamacare is really a Republican plan. :-P

    • Obama needs to be impeached. he CAN be impeached for fraud. Inpeachment is a political process. A person doesn't have to actually commit a crime. As I said many times, Obama is a fraud. The entire democrat machine is a fraud.

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      • but majority of the population will start riots if he gets impeached.

        no way out now and will go all the way. let wealthy and poor eat the middle class, then civil wear

      • What's most amazing about this bill, is it raises the deductible for the very people that have 200-300% premium increases. This is what the authors of the bill, Insurance companies wanted. because they wanted the money and didn't really care about the patients, all the provisions to raise MONEY work, but the provisions to provice care don't. So, by my estimate, the insurannce industry is going to get a $3 bilion windfall profit and have no new charges.

        And because they're an insurance company they can accrue expenses the "may pay" and get that $3 billion a month totally tax free.

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