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  • midgetsbeer midgetsbeer Apr 26, 2006 3:09 PM Flag

    Another Interesting Lunch at Chipotle

    Just got back from my bi-weekly lunch at my Chicago subarbs Chipotle and noticied something a little different. There were tables set up outside and there were high school kids everywhere with a line to the door (normally a smaller line with about half the amount of people dining). At first I thought that's nice they're having lunch at Chipotle during a field trip. So I decided to talk to one of the kids.

    I asked a group of them, "are you guys on a field trip or something why are there so many of you here?" They replied "no we just don't have school today and this place is awesome" and "yeah it kicks ass". I agreed. Then I asked "why don't you guys go to the Baja Fresh down the street isn't it good too?". To this they quickly replied "no way that place sucks, it's gay and expensive".

    I never really debated the sexuality of Baja Fresh until this point. Young, hungry high school and college aged kids may be the biggest and fastest growing market of Chipotle. These kids are flocking to Chipotle in huge groups and are going to even more once school gets out. They will also be lifelong customers along with their children.

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    • Thanks for the report. Good interviewing techniques.

    • LOL nice post, I go to Kent State in Ohio and from about noon on the line is out the door until close. It is always packed. The could open another chiptole a block away and I bet they both would be full. My one suggestion is, well at least to store near a campus is stay open later. I can't tell you how much business taco bell is picking up becuase chiptole closes too early. Us drunk college kids always like a late ngiht snack.

    • CMG has no peer!
      no competition.

      I had a lunch at CMG today, and people just march in and out.

      moves fast.

      CMG is for keeps.

      We ate at KFC and other fast food restaurant last week, and my wife and I agree totally that we feel cheated when we eat other places beside CMG; they are either expensive or have such small portions that we had to order some side dishes which ring up the cost.

      CMG is a great place, and has no peer.

      It has very welcoming and good feel to it too.

      easy feeling... you feel right at home somehow.

      MCD nailed it with CMG...
      and I will keep buying some more CMG stocks as it dips or goes sideways

    • I went to a chipotle today in chicago suburbs too... Juniors had ACTs today, so that is why everyone else is out. Juniors got out at 12. It was packed with kids and the food was great. why is the stock going down? well, that's a good question. May 15th, it'll be over $60. Mark my words.

    • While I wont say that BF is gay (kids, ya gotta love em), I will say that the demographic between BF and CMG is very distinct. Ate at a BF near me yesterday and at Chipotle today for a comparison (you can see one from the other!). BF's age and mix seemed a little older, while CMG seems overall younger and less mainstream. As for the meals, both left me satisfied and were priced same (BF=Fish Taco Combo, w/water and CMG was a Chick BurBol w/ water -- I think the difference was a quarter). CMG is a much hipper atmosphere -- no doubt there; I do wish they had a salsa bar at CMG least they supply ample Cholula and Tabasco!

      Still think CMG stock is pricey, but I also do believe that small news could = big price moves. My other concern is MCD pushing more out to sale, which would dilute the market...any thoughts out there regarding that theory?

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