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  • deliverables77 deliverables77 Jul 16, 2007 3:33 PM Flag

    Im out at 89.90 this morning

    I think it's topped out. I don't buy this whole "break-out to the upside" scenario when earnings are announced. Quite frankly, they can report .55 for the quarter, and the current price is already baked into the cake.

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    • We all should be prepared, I think, to factor in 35% minimum cap gain taxes again after the '08 election.

    • Here's a rare market-timer that looks good: watch out for MRK to surprise on Monday. The downside-items(Patent expirations/Vioxx litigation) are factored in. The upside items: Januvia's strong start (aided by Avandia's woes) and the Zostivax/Gardisil vaccinations offer a strong upside potential and are complete question marks. I'm hoping for a 1-3% bounce on Monday; a short-term money-maker.

    • not worth the effort. I think everyone tries one-time or another to time the market but few can do it. The volatility is just not there right now. I have been watching CMG now since the beginning and just when I seem to see a top it goes higher. I thought about writing calls at 70 and 75 but glad I did not. I want the big payday: my 100k turning into 1 mil in 5 yrs. Compounding returns is the way to make real money in a good stock.

    • I made money money last year selling CMG high and buying back lower.
      But a few weeks ago I had my head handed to me writing
      call options on another stock I own.
      My trading days are over.
      If somebody wants to have a fire sale on a stock I hold,
      that's fine with me. I'll just buy more.
      Otherwise hold hold hold.

    • "Topped out?" You're joking, right? No one could be that short-sighted with a growth story like this one slamming them in the face. This stock could hit $89.90 after splitting 2-for-1 at $100. And then do it again. And again. And again.

      CMG----Buy it. Hold it. Forget about it....for at least five years and probably fifteen years.

    • Long term this is no where near topping out. Barring any major change to the fundamentals or strategy there is no good reason to sell this stock IMHO.

      Good luck.

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