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  • toustec toustec Oct 12, 2011 11:00 AM Flag

    deal reachee in slovakia


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    • at least you understand what is going with our failed economy. it's refreshing to finally see someone on this board who understands. all the manipulations on wall street along with our goverment's bad policies is killing america. they are leading the sheep to the slaughter house. the rallies are fake going into earnings. it's pump and dump. unfortunately the longs don't want to believe it. sadly that is why many people lost their foturnes with enron, lehman, etc.. when you ignore the obvious you lose worse than just money sometimes your life. remember the warning about the levy in new orleans; many died during katrina because they ignored all the warnings.

    • Business world normally rewards results and punishes failure .

      Immelt seems to avoid this common sense proven rule .

      Bizarre . The 14 billion tax free income should have been enough for Obama to NEVER be photographed w/ him again and yet he seems oblivious to the situation at a time that he claims to want to GET $$ from companies .

      Crazy leading crazier . USA is in SO much trouble w/ these fools .

    • can you blame him? he needs his bailout money from obama. lol!

    • Plus GE stock has plummeted since he took over yet he smiles like an idiot and sniffs obamas behind like a good doggie .

    • lol, obama's buddy immelt moved his plant to china while he advises obama on how to create jobs in america. obama needs to do his homework before he hires. what a fool!

    • Most forget that the wealthy have options .

      They can simply LEAVE and spend TONS of time in the USA as tourists .

      I plan tpo leave next summer then come back to NYC ... Vegas ... Florida ... FUN places as I please .

      My business will NEVER EVER return . DC hates business owners ... its just logical to go where nations LOVE business .

      Even obamas number one puppet , Immelt from GE is moving slowly , ( some would say quickly} offshore .

      Just dumped more shares . WHO IS BUYING ?????

    • exactly, usa is going down the tube. the 1% that obama blames and wants to tax more can easily move overseas like the rest of the rich celebs (angelina jolie, johnny depp, madonna, the late michael jackson, etc...) if obama gets re-elected, there will be mass exodus and no one to tax. lol!

    • Ive truly given up on the USA . My kids have been taught a global vision ... we never sat around buying the HYPE that we'll number one as the Government death machine grew out of control .

      The USA needs to realize that taxpayers are CLIENTS ... treat them like GOLD or watch them all leave soon ... VERY soon .

      This CMG is getting boring ... stuck at 315. Real companies MOVE ... this is so hyped .

    • now the selloff starts. market already traded with that news. we will sell off now.

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