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  • pennave1400 pennave1400 Feb 1, 2012 10:08 AM Flag

    Is this the trick to suck in more shorts?

    Its falling. Report leaked? or playing the game to suck in more shorts? or they simply want to cash out the chips before earnings?

    This stock is 100% manipulated. Common they sell burritos at rush in downtown.

    No breakfast, no snacks, no drive through, they close at 10pm.

    People see lines at rush hour and they think its always like that. Not true. Go look at 4pm. Latinas/Latinos fingers will be playing inside their nostril.

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    • Makes me a little nervous. I'm short and was hoping to add more today, but I've noticed that these momos with sell off before earnings and then pop afterward. On the other hand a run up before usually signals a sell off. Look at AMZN yesterday, up $2 during the day then down $16 after earnings. - PJ

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      • These LOW volume scam stocks are always a pain since they dont follow any logical pattern on any level .

        Thats their beauty and their shame .

        Valuations ???? Nope . It effects al real companies .

        Enron got away w/ MURDER for a LONG LONG Time . Their product was a joke yet all of Wall STreet said BUY BUY BUY .

        Its history . Its still happening .

    • I doubt it .

      The real trick would be to POP here up all dat ... STEADY ...

      Then POP her HUGE in the moring NO MATTER what the FKN news is ...

      Then hold her up for about 4 trading cycles .

      Pop her one more time and KILL most of the shorts mojo !!!

      Then ......... a slow steady fade to 133 .

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