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  • sybil1914 sybil1914 Mar 17, 2012 9:55 AM Flag

    This iz a sheitty stock kidds, but........


    Its going MUCH higher.... Regrettably, Sybil Analytics, LLC has no choice but to raise the q3 2012 price target of this pig to $480.00 - $510.00. During this time period, there will be few opportunitiez for shortz and bandwaggon shorts to escape the might grip of fidelity's bots that have ALL naysayerz: bandwaggon shorts, responsible shorts [like sybil], and bozo put buyerz alike, caught in a vicious hydraulic rrrrrrrrrrrooooooooooooobo squuuuuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze..... Pullbacks will be few, those that can take advantage of them will be better served then those that dont. Sybil will cover 1/2 of all shorts at the 100 sma should the opportunity present itsself; sybil will hold without adding shorts Should there be no pullback opportunities..... Buckle up kids.... Its going to be a tough ride to stay short on.

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    • Should cover now. 100 sma will keep rising and never cross 50 sma. Sybs came to the party perhaps a year too early, like netflix and priceline. 100% institution ownerships and high short interest is a very very bad combination for shorts. But no worries on pcln because trading gods already sent google to help old sybs.

    • I agree, I think this stock will tank down below $100 once fund managers start unload their load. Few fund managers has been pumping this stock and as usual it will crash, the curreent price is not sustainable. I am going to buy option puts on it, meaning I bet my money it will crash!

    • You're prepared to accept drawdown of 100/sh on 3k shares? Really?

    • No BS, I will get a job at the SEC long before that happens and make it my life's work from that point forward to end these low float / algo driven games. This crap is massively distoring traditional market signals because it is undermining capital flows toward companies that really do create value and could enhance our competitiveness in favor of tightly controlled, inconsequential yoga and burrito companies.

      Spent a decade working in emerging technology and would be more than happy spending my next decade hunting (and I mean hunting) these collusive crooks because of the damage they are doing to our nation. This issue is MUCH bigger than a couple of bucks on a put or short.

      Cash, as I said, I will be freed up in May both from a time and a resource perspecive. So, starting in May, I will be creating a site dedicated specifically to capturing and documenting anything questionable on our MOMO stocks, specifically CMG and LULU. I will be diving deep into each and every 13F (thus why the effort begins in earnest in May) in every holder over 500K shares to look at position changes here and elsewhere (doing so will provide case study based counterfactuals to any claims that this wasn't float manipulation). I will also be dissecting the fundamental case on all these companies.

      These games have now made it worth my while to invest the time to do this. Sybs, I might very well lose money on this, but I assure you the big boys have A LOT more to lose...

      You often refer to put buyers as suicide bombers. It is amazing the suicide bombers can wreak in the real world. Maybe I am for these stocks in the sense that I am willing to dedicate my energy and resources to ending this crap, even if it causes me significant financial pain in the interim. I'm interested to see if I can expose this crap for what it is for ALL to see... It is time to provide a dedicated forum for shorts ending the collusion that has effectively stolen money from them. Now that is a worthy cause...

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