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  • rlfadj rlfadj Oct 24, 2012 10:23 AM Flag

    pnra's ER will

    not boost cmg. the fake early rally will turn red very soon. "funds" will shift out of cmg into pnra. only FUNDS because no retail investors are dumb enuf to buy this stale bread.

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    • i got nothing to prove to you. don't go posting something from october when this is almost jan. both cmg and pnra fell big after my call and just recently rebounded (just this last week or 2). i made my $$ and just re-enter my short pos again. yesterday, i posted that i went long on swhc after it felled 11% yesterday. it went up almost over 7% today! that's just 1 day and i am up over 7%. unlike you dumb $(#(#, if this is up another 5-10%, i will take my profit. don't fall in love w/ a stock especially a loser like cmg. it's going no where. RGR is also up overt 6 percent today (another reccommendation). why don't u shutup and make $$ like me.

    • Almost up 20% since this fine call. Do you really think anyone takes you seriously??? Try getting a new hobby, this one doesn't seem to be working out for you. CMG guaranteed to be up in calendar year 2013.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • "Do you really think anyone takes you seriously??? CMG guaranteed to be up in calendar year 2013."

        Do you really think anyone takes YOU seriously, d'ckless clown??? Just look at your laughing-stock reputation here!!!

        You continue your desperate quest for validation on Yahoo message boards for securities you've never had a position in....your sense of social intercourse is something only a d'ckless clown can appreciate.

        "Guaranteed," huh? Like you "guaranteed" CMG all-time highs for the last two earnings???? Like you've "guaranteed" 400 for the next earnings????

        You're a f'ckg loser, d'ckless clown....own up to it and get a life.

      • "CMG guaranteed to be up in calendar year 2013."
        HA HA HA HA!
        want to bet your balls on this? next earning date will take it sub 200 and u will lose ur balls. oh wait, you lost them way back when you were pumping cmg to 500. LOL!

      • ur an idiot. when i made this call i made over 100k. out and in again. ur are a dumb loser!!! who buys and hold anymore? ur GRANDPA?

    • happening now. j screamer w/ panera ceo pumping this bread. this clown has switched from cmg to pnra. LOL!

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