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  • cash_back_7 cash_back_7 Oct 24, 2012 8:46 PM Flag

    i drove by cmg on Milwaukee Ave in Vernon Hills IL around 6.30 PM


    Lights were on and place was empty. Noodles and Co and On The Border across the street had good crowd judging by the number of cars in front. The sushi place nearby I went to was 80% packed. I am not saying cmg was the only one empty as I've noticed couple more places near death.

    told ya, they are losing dinner. people are tired of protein being stolen form them and who need the rice wrap anyway.

    chipotle has hard time multiplying food costs by 5 without stealing from their customers.

    mutual funds and my girl sara senatore - take a note. maybe buy some more from each other and stick it into your clients 401Ks

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    • I am as big of a CMG fan as anyone and I have to agree that I've noticed the significant decline in crowds at dinner time. At the one closest to my house, I used to do whatever I could to avoid going in between the hours of 5 pm - 830 pm because I'd be waiting in line out the door for 30 minutes to get my food.

      Now, the longest I've seen the line is about 10 people no matter what time of day. They are still getting good traffic but not so much that lines are backing up. There is less people eating in the restaurant too.

      However, I have not noticed that it is due to competition. If anything the chipotle competitors are doing even worse - the Baja Fresh near the Chipotle where I live went out of business and Qdoba is always empty - no clue how they stay in business. The taco bell near me never has a line or cars in the drive through. The BWW near the chipotle I go to has empty parking spots even on Sundays during football season. Panera - used to not be able to find a table at lunch time and now it's no problem grabbing a booth.

      I think Fast Casual restaurants are just hitting a saturation in the states. The reason I think CMG is still great is because they have so much room for overseas expansion and their Shophouse restaurant gives them the ability to continue expanding in the states.

    • buddy, come to houston, and see why the chipotles are jamn packed all the time. I dont expect the
      frickin white amers to eat burrittos and fill the stores. its a mexican/asian favorite. CMG will
      hit 280-300 in a couple of weeks. All this sell off is a nice drama for MMs to get yr shares cheap.
      CMG has been going up last several days, no matter what the market noise is.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • drove by the one Austin around 6 PM. only saw 2 people in there. meanwhile the Cantina across the street was packed.

    • Cafe del Issac in Highwood (Mexican) was packed. Maybe we can meet there someday?

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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