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  • emildebois emildebois Jan 31, 2013 5:52 PM Flag

    Here's what I think will ..

    .. happen:
    They manipulated investors by the prilim Q4 report and reduced the depth of the nosedive should the report have come out on the scheduled day. Ever since, they have invented more manipulative measures such as veggie recipe, catering, and the rediculous organic hoody stuff (gees!). So, naturally, on Tuesday they will re-report the same #$%$ numbers and try to fool investors by deep green forward-looking promises. Here's where they will goof: Investors will be having more than enough of cmg manipulative #$%$, will take the "integrity" glasses off of their intelligence eyes, will look back at the realities: High food prices, lawsuits, Einhorn's predictions, Taco Bell and other competitions, etc., and will start, slowly but surely, to pull out. That's when the Great cmg's demise will begin and that's why I recommend holding on to our shorts.

    It always pays to remember "Those who forget the history are doomed to repeat it!". cmg is not the first and won't be the last stock to enjoy a gloowing hype which fades away sooner or later. There's an old saying which goes "A high fever prespires soon" (which cools it down). And I think cmg's time has finally come. It's a Nature's Law: A high-energy system is not a stable one and has to come back down to equilibrium.

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    • The main reason for CMG struggling is competition. PERIOD. Look at apple, competition has finally caught up with it and look how they are treating it. Even if CMG beats, if they guide low, that could crush the stock. AMZN disappointing on so many levels and yet it was up. SO numbers mean nothing, it's street hidden expectations that will move the stock.

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      • I don't think CMG is struggling. It's a nice fast food joint. I had friends at work who ate there every lunch for months ---but they got tired of it. They were also talking about the Qdoba's version of a rice bowl---3 doors away. The lines were shorter last week than a few months ago. I just think the new has worn off and they've topped out on new high traffic locations. Probably a 160$ stock in reality and it should split to trade at $80. That's why I bought puts going into earnings, OK it's risky but what a payoff when right !

    • another fast growth that has slowed. I hope it hits $260 the next day at least after it reports. It was at $240 last time it reported AND after it warned. Why is it up so much? Even estimates are down and yet this sucker is higher. I hope it retest the $240 level now. Reminds me of NFLX before the big fall.

    • Be wary as well that they will probably make mention, announce themselves added share buybacks, or will be asked question and answer it positively. Also if they change, increase their planned previously announce store opening plans and any increase in international, it will run some more. Just cause the lapdog analystas will froth over any news along those lines.

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    • Yup that nails it. It's the ADD disorder society and also the computer algos do not recall, remember or react to preannounces. CMG management has gotten more sleazier and schemeier, gimmicky since the quarterly last summer.

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