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  • billy_berew billy_berew Mar 6, 2013 12:37 AM Flag

    CMG Shooting its Own Foot

    Once you see a few Chipotle's at the highway stops, which they are putting in place now, your opinion of Chipotle is going to drop. When Chipotle was a novelty, people found it sort of interesting to go there. Now that they are locating them next to the Burger Kings and Taco Bells, who will want to be seen at any Chipotle. I think this image will tarnish their downtown business as well. What professional wants to be seen at a fast food restaurant? Images of overweight truckers coughing all the way to the bathroom will be hard to erase from one's memory. The same is true of the restaurants they are putting up in low income areas. They'll only be able to get locals to work there, so do you really think they'll keep the place clean? I don't think so.

    Like I've said before. They won't pass the 1500 restaurant cap without doing serious damage to same store sales, new store sales, and profitability.

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