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  • lhaak2 lhaak2 Mar 13, 2013 12:24 AM Flag

    Short CMG

    Seriously, I have 2 short positions. 10 shares at 320. I also have 2 put options for Jun285 I bought for 6.10 ie. $610. This was based on a recent motley Fool article, the P.E. of 37, and my belief that people will cut back eating out places like Chipotle in favor of Taco ____(insert the 5+ fast food chains). I am hoping for a retreat to $295--that would likely make my put options worth $11. So, I'd make 8% return on the short plus 80% gain on the put options. If you disagree, tell me why you think this restaurant will climb more than 35% from Oct. low.

    Sentiment: Sell

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    • CMG was grossly oversold in Oct. 12. The trend has been bullish ever since. Chipotle customers switch to taco h3ll? You've got to be joking............

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    • I say your golden here. The major cmg indicator has left. That being raj/pretty asian/hot eighties chick /i make money on all trades/ 3rd most enoying person on the board. Longs look out for a pull back here untill she is back and then rest assured the bottom is in. I know this isnt a grand conspiracy theory your used to but it works 60 percent of the time 100 percent of the time.
      Cash, your time has come but dont get greedy. good luck to all.

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    • CMG is being held up. The large holders will not sell now because they know they would crash the price, there is no demand. The reason they can hold it is too large a short position already.

      If you think 6.5 hours each day there are "investors" willing to step in and buy a $4 decline or chase a $6 run up when 10% of normal volume (of 6 months ago) is traded, don't mess with the like of CMG which is highly manipulated.

      The hope is to get any type decent news to squeeze shorts. Nothing now is based on value. Boston Market was the hottest stock around when it was expanding. This will be a less than $50 stock at some point say the overwhelming odds, in the meantime it could be squeezed higher, but imo the value is not there and the big chase is over.

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