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  • stocker4949 stocker4949 May 15, 2013 1:15 PM Flag

    CMG trades like PCLN.

    Be very patient and strong. CMG will be $800 someday.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Impossible!!! You're a clown without a circus!! you and salvatore "sam" from motley fool are morons that haven't a clue on how to assess and evaluate a stock and stock growth. where do you justify a 41 x earnings p/e for chipotle mexican grill? it should be called chipotle roach coach, inc. nothing special to a overpriced burrito greasy spoon that claims it's healthier than the next texmex roachcoach. and everyone know it, they just want to praise this deadbeat stock and company because they are dumb enough to shell out $12 per ticket at cmg's cash register each day they slave for the man. it makes them feel like warren buffet, if not for just the time it takes to shove the doe ball filled with rice and a little chicken meat down . then it's back to the real world. the same folks who are such poor judges of quality and taste at cmg are those that say starbucks is all that. peet's is far better than starbucks, all day long. Peet's has the beans that make you go ohhhh!!!!! ohhhh...yeaaaaa!!!!! so good!!!! starbucks is a coffee for the masses bulk brewer, and peet's is the coffee bistro for the discriminating taste bud customer. you would think that you were in italy when you take your first sip of peet's coffee. seriously, try them out! and, they are far more generous for those who purchase a bag of coffee beans or ground coffee from them. they rock!!!

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