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  • jindal2013 jindal2013 Apr 13, 2010 7:59 AM Flag

    do they still sponsor

    that ufc fighter, Dan the hit man Hardy?

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    • Yeah hass hole! Thanks him from me from the hard work on diluting shares to 11 b and more to come, cause this s-hit is unlimited and there would be su-kers like you who believe on all of his bull-shits. Ah! And do you realized we are not even a report pink sheet company any more since he failed to fole financials on time even with the extension he filed t, then he never complied on such extension, the only reason he did that is because he felt pression from the ihub board and to made believe that he was for real cause is been demonstrated the he dilute almost an extra 1 b. Shares? So by saying this, you dammqueen keep on thanking brian,i believe he must be laughing all the way at you! Like me! Hehehehehhe!!!!!

    • Ryan,
      I believe you. Thanks for looking out for us. Next time you talk to Brian tell him thanks for all of his hard work.

    • from what I hear BBDA never paid ..

    • that's to bad. He's move up the ranks...

      • 1 Reply to jindal2013
      • Jinda2013, Like I said before and I will repeat. brian weber is a SCAMMER, since day 1 this is all SCAM! not piranha water , not huppy water , not coffee unwind, only a few cans with old dates of potencia and a few cans of koma to make believe that this is a real business, they even have a free poorly design web that looks more a fifth grade design for a race car than for a beverage business. All the pr's that he made were only a fluffies, if you call those companies to verified if they really doing business with bbda as distributors or sellers they will tell you they never heard about such a company bbda. man what a JOKE! Dan Hardy walked away cause brian fail to paid him according to his manager and that is in writing.who cares to bash a stock that is at this levels0.0001 you don't need bashers you just need a pos ceo to dragged the price where it is, and let me tell you brian is only good on that! we have to give a credit to this man for this. give up brian!!!good job well done! BABY! HEHEHEHE!!!!!

    • no....nascar trucks for the two years.