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  • metalcom2009 metalcom2009 Apr 22, 2010 4:02 PM Flag

    word at IHUB

    the A/S is now 12.5 Billion!

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    • there are no meaningful sales of potencia in either form. same for piranha water. its been clear for a long time that they are not widely available. it doesnt matter where they are reported there are no sales worth reporting for those products. there are exactly THREE bottles of guppy water in existence and those are bottles of ANOTHER PRODUCT with bad ink jet labels stuck on them that say guppy water. so its not flavored water for kids sorry your just wrong. Ill believe in koma coffee when it actually appears. like most other things promised by stupid brian weber it has yet to appear. counting it as part of the portfolio when it doesnt exist yet is straight up BS. Do the google/amazon test for energy drinks and youll have an even longer time clicking 'next' before you ever find a bbda product listed. your poorly informed arguments are crap and prove nothing. you have a vivid imagination if you think this company is the leader in ANY category except selling shares and wasting loads of money on pointless advertising. I havent seen any sales numbers but you can count all the potencia and piranha and koma products you want and its still going to be next to nothing. if you make any money with this stock it will be because of pennyland manipulation NOT because bbda is a company making money. I wont be crying because I invest in legitimate companies with intelligent management and realistic share structures and make plenty of cash already.

    • You can't be bothered with facts, can you? BBDA sells Potencia Energy Drinksand Shots. Those sales will be recorded in first quarter 2010 along withKoma. Potencia, Guppy Water. Piranha Water, Koma Unwind. BBDA is not justRelaxation. It is also energy drinks, flavored water for kids, and comingsoon, relaxation coffee without caffeine. You will make money in this stockif you are in, crying all the way to the bank.

    • Drank, ViB, RElaxzen, Tranquila, SOS. sorry I cant be bothered to look up sales. Im sure you will now claim that since I wont do that there is no proof that koma is not a sales and category leader and therefore the claims about bbda must be true. thats twisted ihub logic.

      go to amazon and search relaxation beverages. then sort by popularity. koma is not first.

      Now, just like ryaneod was told a week and half ago on ihub go to google and type in 'relaxation beverage.' if koma was the 'leader' it would come up first. if it was the top seller it would come up near the top in search results. it doesnt come up at all for page after page and when it does its mostly on stock message boards. fitting considering the company is really more about selling shares not beverages.

    • So what? If sales go to the tens of millions like weber said,buy one million
      shares now for $200.00 and sell later in the year for at least a penny, maybe
      a dime. Quite a profitable trade. Buy at $200.00, sell at $10,000, maybe $100,000.

    • thats not the truth

      according to Madison stock transfer company
      the shares as of 5 minutes ago are
      a/s 10,995,000,000
      o/s 10,610,541,762
      pink sheets shows
      o/s 6,394,087,549 as of Sept 30, 2009.
      take from that what you will