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  • dakking2001 dakking2001 Apr 30, 2010 3:30 PM Flag

    diddi on I Hub if fired up

    He was a strong believer for a while, then he kind of left and now he is back. He knows something. He is upset with the bashers over there so he isn't talking. I don't blame him one bit. He is fired up about something. It's just nice to see someone stand up to all the bashers.

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    • I am a supporter of Diddi. Anyone who stands up to bashers I support them. At one time I supported Hamburger. He went from basher to believer but then he went back to basher. This tells me he is just a flipper. Just keep reading his post. You will know when he starts pumping again. I have read on I Hub that some are upset because they can't flip BBDA like they used to when Carnes was in charge. That Brian Weber is not as good at pump & dump as Carnes was. We all know that 90% of pinks are SCAMS. We all know that 90% of people who post here and on I Hub are bashers. What if BeBevCo turns out to be a real Company. I am just a small time player here. Just over 17 million shares. I could own a lot more. It's within my limit as to how much money I can loose. I believe that Brian Weber is the real deal. I am within my limit. I have no fear.

    • diddi was being compensated for his positive posts, the compensation was interrupted and he went negative. Once the compensation was re-instituded the positive posts returned. A little birdy confirmed. He doesn't know anything, he is a tool!

    • Even though I hate to read the trash over on I Hub I do. The bashers rule over there. Well they rule here too. I still think that most of them bought in when Carnes was in charge and are cry babies now. So they sell and blame it on Brian Weber. Carnes not only screwed them he screwed Brian Weber. Now Brian has to dig himself out of a deap hole. He is doing this day to day. I have E mailed Brian and told him to never give up. He knows that Carnes screwed him and the shareholders. I just don't understand how someone can blame all of this on Weber. Carnes is a stock promoter. Weber is a CEO. Weber could have gave up. He didn't. Thank you Brian Weber for looking out for me as a shareholder.

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      • Ofcorse , bbrian is looking out for you!be more accurate he is looking out for your pocket su-cker, keep on feeding the duck, he will never go away and also, you're rifht we missed carnes atleast with him we can flip this turd many times! And never were at not bid, bbrian is a disgrace ceo i never seen in my life. Ah! And i heard from reliable source regarding using s/h to sell bbda's products that were left over from the only production to make believe that this pos was for real that he couldn't sell via stupid and ridiculous webside, once he finished selling the last can, he will run and disappear like a thief with s/h money to nowhere to be found.eom

      • i guess the concept that brian weber should have thoroughly investigatedd what he was buying before plunking down the money for it is something you have trouble grasping. maybe you also have trouble grasping that asking for peples trust and selling shares in a company that you dont even understand the fundamentals of is at very least laughably stupid and at most outright fraudulent. but most of all I guess you have trouble with the idea that brain was so fcking stupid that he allowed himself to be scammed and you want to place the blame for that on steve carnes. you want a ceo whose that idiotic that he cant spot a scam? yeah he could have folded but he didnt. he also didnt tell the truth about what was going on when he finally found out and deliberately HID IT from the people he was asking to buy shares in his company. passing a scam perpetrated on you along to your shareholders makes you a scammer yourself. how about you email brain and ask him about when he was trying to hide shares from his creditors by having multiple corporations with the same name in different states? or when he transferred his corporation to another state without telling shareholders about it while at the same time jacking up the share count so he could sell more of them? like so many other things he said nothing about it until people uncoverred it and demanded an explanation then he comes up with a typical mumbling half truth that explains nothing and just leaves more questions unanswered usually wrapped in some other time and money consuming baloney like a "bbda tv show". maybe brian weber has adhd because he sure has a hard time focusing on selling drinks but has no trouble starting tons of other unrelated projects that waste money and dont sell drinks.

    • shut up brien!! you knows he wants his money back

    • Something has to be up. Why would old bashers come back. My guess is some big news may happen next week.