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  • benfmd benfmd Dec 28, 2010 3:50 PM Flag

    Question for Corstrat

    When are you expecting the next press release from the company regarding any news that could move the stock? What might that news be?

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    • I should have also added.

      That trend was dominant due to the fact that Company PR's were few and far between in the past. As of late, Mr. Hu has started putting out more frequent PR's. If that trend continues, news very well may have a sustainable impact on the stock price. Shorts can play the silk purse sows ear game every once in a while, it is hard for them to sustain it if news comes every week or two.

    • Mike- It is credible in that we were talking about COMPANY PR's not Seeking Alpha. Believe me, I was here and remember every one of them. The trend is very clear that Company PR's have not had any sustainability, particularly since the short started growing after the Jan 4 PR.

      Having been an OTC Market Maker who did a lot of work with shorts in years past, I can assure you that shorts, once they have their position in place will do whatever they can to a "silk purse" PR and turn it into a "sows ear" as fast as they can. Usually they will let the stock run up some on the news and in fact will help it move up at first, just so they can spend the rest of the day pressuring the stock and demoralizing old holders and make new prospective buyers second guess their positive interpretation of the news.

      The early SA articles were an unknown entity to the Shorts. They didn't quite know what to do about them since usually these pieces don't have much affect unless it is a negative article. As of the last two SA articles, Petersen's and mine,they learned their lesson and seem to be treating them just like Company PR's. The better the news or article, the harder they try to denigrate it by pressuring the stock.

    • I don't normally respond to really stupid posts like this but you remind me of folks I saw previously on many up and coming stocks like this,

      So I took a moment and looked at a bit of your previous posts. My take is that you have to grow up here a bit.

      I know I won't be popular for saying it... but realize the longer term prospect for KNDI, the seasonality factors in a stock like KNDI, Oil, energy, alt energy dependent on market sentiment -- right alt energy and vehicle trades are a bit suspect.

      Don't dismiss KNDI mid to long term but don't be so crazy on this that you attack a decent post with drivel like you had.

      So...You need to get your investment strategy here under a bit more control... So relax. That is, realize KNDI is a great long term story but may not quite adhere to what you want in the short to mid term like I outlined above.

      In essence I'm just saying you need to grow up a little more on how you invest in this type of stock

      If you don't then you will become a persistent problem on this board and other forums.

      But if you pay attention to what the impressive long side story is and what others of us are saying to mitigate your risk then you will do well with KNDI and other stocks.

      Thats all I'm saying.. And I will continue to say it.

      Overall just get a hold on what you are doing trading-wise and investment-wise on a stock like KNDI. A lot of pain and benefit to be had (benefit if smart).

      So far you are showing stupidity/ignorance so just grow up here.When you do...then KNDI will reap rewards.

    • I wouldn't push it, if I were you...your late night posts elsewhere may come back to haunt you as far as your agenda here...

    • You should re-eavaluate your thinking here. I took a lot of time and research to think this through

      I'm thinking you did not do the same.

    • What a bunch of useless unsubstantiated dribble, especially for someone who doesn't own a single share of KNDI.

    • I took the challenge...went back 6 months and I don't think the statement is credible.

      For instance KNDI has had a series of news items in Dec culminating in a sustained set of news items and inter-leaving Seeking Alpha posts approx mid Dec until placement.

      If you go back to Sept you see that Seeking Alpha had a sustained series of articles on KNDI and later took some credit I believe in a subsequent article of the move...regardless of intent that served as a PR for the company

      Go back to July and KNDI had a news item regarding the new construction underway

      In each of these cases it kicked off a sustained move off of a bottom

      The problem here now is that these PRs and Articles tend to lose their impact since revs are so far away

      As well, earnings is likely to hit that Rev target and perhaps exceed but guidance may be mixed based on dilution (so KNDI may need to adjust those estimates soon)

      Given that EPS growth will likely lag buildout for along time there is no hurry for anyone to jump in

      Their auditor (although not caught up in the recent scandal of reverse mergers) is not Top 10 and shorts are taking advantage of that unfortunately

      Likely we need to see KNDI form anew base which I think will be lower - say $4.50 to $5

      Long term, looks like a rocket-ship based on what its doing and as long as they can skirt the integrity issue associated with earnings guidance and the like that other China firms are having

      Note: Sentiment here though is a definite drag unfortunately on KNDI -- which appears to be no fault of there own. But like many firms they will probably be forced to consider upgrading the auditing firm in the longer term.

      Needs to climb back over 5.25/5.35 and then 5.65-5.85 to reverse the funk its in. Unlikely I think without substantial news at beginning of year.

      So think base building is in order here and likely a visit to sub $5 levels before improving look on KNDI

    • LOL to the link, I agree with your wanting to see a PR on use of proceeds.

    • If you go back and look at the biggest sustained moves in this stock in the past six months, you will notice that none of them were Company news generated. And that was with a big short and not much Fund interest. When a Company with a big short puts out news, it creates a target for shorts to attack and demoralize excited shareholders. Nothing is worse for a short to have a stock start moving up without news. He has no target to shoot at.

      I know every time I say this I get blasted, but once again, after looking at the devastation I see in most non-resource China stocks again today, I am convinced more than ever that just the PR alone last week without the financing would still have sent the stock back to at best the mid $5's by today. The short was already too big to let this stock keep going up just based on one PR. In a day or two, they would have started knocking it down, all the hot money that jumped in on that PR would have been bailing, like they did on the PR a week before, most new funds who might have an interest would have at least waited until the new year to start buying and many wouldn't buy it because of the balance sheet. If they didn't do that funding, you can bet we by now would have seen bashers here saying "yeh right, and how are they going to pay for all this with their weak balance sheet".

      If you want to see what I mean about the stock action when PR's are announced, go to this link, and type KNDI in the Search field in the upper right.

    • No, I don't expect a big order PR, but I would like a PR on the planned use of the funds from the recent placement. Yes, I know that Art told us of many palnns but that is not the same as a company PR.

      And as far as the Postal vehicles, I just don't see the need for the replacement of these lovely vehicles which I'm sure are low polluting:

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