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  • benfmd benfmd Dec 28, 2010 3:50 PM Flag

    Question for Corstrat

    When are you expecting the next press release from the company regarding any news that could move the stock? What might that news be?

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    • Wild guess from me would be earnings in FEB or that the LiIon works in the coco just fine so they wont need xtra electronics. From talking to an electrical engineer it shouldnt take much, may have to have some sheet metal mount changes but not much. It may also anounce the range of the new vehicle as much further. Cant wait to see what they are taking in on the swap out, quick change venture in about 6 months.

    • While I did say a few weeks ago I was expecting some sort of Pr out by year end. At least one talking about the Annual Meeting, I must admit I sure wasn't expecting any of the subsequent announcements.

      But based on history, it would not surprise me to see a positive PR out right after the first of the year.

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      • As I mentioned recently, I want to see more details on the quick change stations coming in the both cities. Joint ventures can be interesting critters ... is there going to be an IR for that? Will there be an English portal for that IR? We've got a 4th company involved now, on the Lithium side, right? Are they a big-foot too, or more like KNDI?

        While one could understand that locations may be in negotiation, and not info you want to release publicly, the kind of thing that would impress me is release of target dates for stations in a sort of living document that shows projections, announcements of proposed locations, completion of locations, etc.

        With several very powerful companies involved, it can get tricky as to not stepping on toes, and who will be in charge of PR. And while KNDI has made recent strides to provide an English speaking IR "face," whether the JV gets that is another matter that I would think would be another very positive step towards KNDI US market acceptance.

    • Will there be 2 classes of "stations?"

      There's the battery changing part, and
      the battery re-charging part.

      Not clear on how much the re-charging is centralized with recharged batteries trucked to the changing stations and discharged trucked back ... can you clarify?

    • I believe what might be causing the delay in getting the bricks and mortar stations open is to avoid having two classes of stations. There will always be a need for plug access so it only makes sense to offer it with the Changing stations.

    • Good- if you go back and look at his history, you will see that he first went to a Sell Short on Sept. 22. That day the stock finally broke out above 3.30.

      Like I have been saying, it is not in the DNA of short sellers to cover until they either have a profit, or are destroyed with the likes of a NFLX or as they will soon find out, KNDI. They eventually lose out to fundamentals.

    • I don't think a delay in the establishment of public changing/charging stations is a problem. I would bet that the first orders that will occupy initial production will be for governemnt agencies like postal. Those agencies will establish their own stations within existing facilities. As far as public sales of cars goes, I would expect them to be slower to evolve and therefore the need for public stations. I would like to know the strategy for public sales. KNDI dealerships or francised dealerships?

    • You are correct in that fleet sales like Postal, Utilities and the like will have their own Charging stations. Effectively in the various facilities parking areas. Remember the biggest concern for EV's in China right now is not over-stressing the grid. All these fleet people have to do is just set a timer to activate the plugs during low peak hours. For that reason, these fleet orders come with a plug and are sold with the battery. I can't say for sure, but I don't think they have the quick change feature.

      Yes, these sales, IMO, will most likely be where most of the first 50,000 or so sales will come and that is the reason Mr. Hu needed to get automation installed so quickly. But don't underestimate retail sales. Particularly in Jinhua. Remember, so far only the first 3000 cars have the $3000 subsidy making the total cost to the consumer around $3000. If there aren't 3000 people in Jinhua that can't afford that small amount of cash, then the big EV companies really will be toast.

      As par as sales in Jinhua, the Company is handling those internally, both retail and fleet. They have a fine showroom and a test track. I would also think they would have at least one two locations in the city, manned by Company employees, though I don't know this for sure.

      In areas outside of Jinhua, I know they are building a dealer network. Here is a link to their dealer site. For some reason the links don't seem to be working on my computer, except for the little black "login" link top center left. When I last looked at this site a month or so ago the links were working and the link to the right on the drape was a page that had Dealer requirements.

    • Thanks for the info. The dealer site worked and translated on my computer. Will be reading it now.

    • Is it just the darker side of me or would others love to see a surprise fleet sale announcement :)

    • Have you ever seen one, just one, company PR announcing a firm order of a car? Not me. I have heard of 30 postal prototypes and other references of orders but I don't think I can find a company PR on an order. So on 4 Jan. let's have an order announcement of 10,000 cars for a government agency. Let's see, each (10,000 cars X $2,000 net) / ~ 30m shares = 0.66/share. So each 10k cars gets (at a PE of 10) 6.60 share price. That's what I'm using.

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