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  • hofmanjim hofmanjim Mar 20, 2011 9:47 AM Flag

    Think Libya is Human rights or Oil Issue?

    Ill call it both but heavy on the oil. The human rights issue is mostly a way to kick thier tails and not say it's about oil.

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    • Imagine the fuel burnt on this campaign. I know my ship burned at least 30,000 dollars a day in fuel and thats back in 90's.
      The associated costs to ship oil from port to port and station to station. Stagering!

    • Hi Jim,

      I usually do not like posting politics on a financial board but, since the private board began there has been so little posting here that I have decided to give you my opinion.
      I guess countries cannot have civil wars anymore, or I guess what I really want to say is the rest of the world will not allow one party to a civil war have a distinct advantage over another party as long as it is a oil producing country.
      There has been a civil war going on in the Sudan for years, no interceding from what would be called the civilized countries(UK, France, US). The same for all of these other countries in Africa who have been fighting for years to get control of their country. But be an oil producing country, and now all of a sudden their are rules to how you will fight the insurgents in your country. During our civil war, Sherman burned Atlanta. What would that be considered today.
      IMO the United States is wrong to get involved with this. If we ever have another civil war here, we have just opened the can to allow the rest of the world to tell us on what terms it may be allowed to fought. With our society slowly moving to the haves and have nots due to our governemnt changing laws constantly to allow the rich to get richer and the poor and middle class to mostly stagnate in wage earnings and the shipment of our best jobs for the poor and middle class out of the country(more enrichment of the rich)we could easily move to a civil disobedience situation over the next 50 to 100 years. If that happens, how will it be fought?
      The United States continues to step into a role in the middle east that makes people upset with the United States for not allowing these people to make their own destiny.
      The muslim world-- gee its not like we are already having a problem with muslim insurgents now. Lets just go and make more issues with the muslims so that 20 or 30 years from now the next generation of muslims see the United States as the great satan even worse than the current muslims are.
      Lastly, I want to post this last part. I had no problem with attacking Afghanistan to go after Bin Laden when the Taliban would not hand him and his group over. I truly wish that the US government would have done that right and captured all of Al Queda. But we fu**ed that up by not keeping our focus on Al Queda and instead went after Hussien. I called it then that I was worried that we were attempting to become the worlds policemen. Obviously, Iraq did not go the way the Neocons had expected---the cost to the United States, well over a trillion dollars that was not even in our budget. Today we sit with a tea party group who insist on stopping the spending. Yet the neocons have gotten Obama to continue the act of the worlds policemen. Now we have new costs for missiles, fuel and other needs for war. The missile, fuel and others will need to be replenished. What will that cost?
      A little more education money for our children? Or maybe a little less regulation of indutries that pollute our skies and food items that causes more deaths of United States citizens.
      Sometimes I wonder who Americans really are.


    • On a per capita basis the Libyans used to form the biggest contingent of foreign fighters going to Iraq to kill Americans and almost all of them came from East Libya. Gaddafi used to throw them in prison to put down Islamist extremism. Now they are the "good guys" that US are helping to overthrow Gaddafi.

      Gaddafi was soul mate of Britain, America in 'war on terror'

    • Nice responce. Thats about How I feel. However, If we go to war for Oil, Let's get some oil.
      Dont let them continue to dictate what it costs. We kicked out the idiot in charge now cut us a deal on the oil.
      The only reason I really posted this here is because oil has a direct effect on how people approach green technologies. KNDI being one of the methods of ending oil dependencies.
      In my opinion we should use oil for manufacturing, and for Trucks Trains, Aircraft and defence. Not for personal transportation when Electrics will work fine.
      Imagine if the US would put its psotal service to KNDI. What a day That would be . I would be smiles even if it were not KNDI.
      Ford would be wise to grab KNDI now while they can to get in on the China subsidies. They also have a way of getting congress to pass subsidies in the US>

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